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Author TOPIC: reporting scores
Melanie D

May 1, 2018
6:27:11 PM

Entry #: 4248454
HI. I went into the schedules tab where it says schedule/ score reporting and am not sure where to go from there to record a score. Please help me. Thanks!

Reg Speers

May 1, 2018
11:00:39 PM

Entry #: 4248472
I agree. There are two spots that look like they're for reporting scores but no way to do it.

Kristin C

May 16, 2019
1:29:02 PM

Entry #: 4262095
I have found where to enter scores, but I do not have a password. Who can I request one from?

Renee Danchuk

May 16, 2019
1:38:34 PM

Entry #: 4262097
the password is winner

look under forms
then handouts
and there is a page of instructions on how to enter scores

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