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[Note: Play this game with extreme caution! Can be very habit-forming!!]
Use the keyboard controls described below to maneuver your ship, destroying as many asteroids as you can while avoiding collision with them. Also watch for the flying saucers armed with guided missles.

If you warp into hyperspace, your ship will momentarily disappear then reappear on another part of the screen, gradually fading in. During this time the ship is invunerable. Likewise, when your ship is destroyed, a new one will appear in the center of the screen. You can still maneuver and fire during this time so if you are in imminent danger, you have a couple of seconds to get out of it.

SStart Game PPause Game
Cursor LeftRotate Left Cursor DownReverse Thrust
Cursor RightRotate Right Cursor UpForward Thrust
SpacebarFire Cannon HHyperspace
MToggle Sound* DToggle Graphics Detail*
*Note: If the game appears to run slowly on your machine, try turning sound and/or graphics detail off. This will not affect game play.