Lakers survive Halata's heroics to get to .500
What a battle. This was easily the best game of the young 5.6 season. The Sonics were without captain Mike Blank and the team missed him dearly. The team needed him to be the facilitator and controller of the offense. The Sonics struggled early as the Lakers came out of the gates on fire, leading by 10 very early into the game. The Lakers had their usual bad turnovers and struggled with layups as the Sonics mounted a comeback. The team took the lead in the 2nd half, but lost it and lost focus as the Lakers led by 9 with 2 minutes to go. The timer then broke around the 1:45 mark, leading to several players to yell at the NOBL's first lady. The storyline of the game was then, would she hit Matt Glenn in frustration for the verbal assault. The Sonics then put on a wild rally to close it within 2. Randy Young hit 1 of 2 free throws with 4 seconds left to put the Lakers up 3. The Sonics set 3 screens to get Paul Halata open enough (although triple covered) to get his shot off, it banked and rattled across the rim 3 times before falling in. In OT the Sonics were drained from the emotion as the Lakers were fired up about almost losing after having a 9 point lead. What an NOBL classic.

Minneapolis Lakers 74
Seattle SuperSonics 65

Date: September 13, 2013     Time: 8:00pm      Venue: POPLAR

AJ Jarell Aiden 0.000
Doug Cordisco 00000.00000000220
Dave Delattre 339436.50001010881
Joe Flaherty 92124.50013040553
Dave Girton 94014.2501131018183
Willie Jackson 133215.20011010443
Tom Metszger 70212.50001000552
Cody O'Neal 0.000
Danny Romero 0.000
Randy Young 31014.25000040443
Total  74199925.360373110464615
Alex Bellow 0.000
Mike Blank 00000.00000000000
Jess Brawn 0.000
Joe Brown 41024.50025040773
Kevin Dittes 42000.00001120662
Paul Halata 272656.83305010552
Joe Humpf 0.000
Josh McCormick 84000.00020010441
Alex Mikedis 42000.00000000110
Kyle Riether 51100.00041010991
Total  52127710.70081219032329

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