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October 20, 2019
7:34:33 PM

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I am disgusted by the Lacey Storm's Org. they feel it necessary to load their roster with 5 college players and 1 of them is a 2nd year player in college. I can not believe they feel it is that important for them to win All Shore that they did this in a high school division with most teams 14u Eligible. If anyone on here is looking for a team do your kid and yourself a favor stay away from Lacey. Jeff is even worse for allowing this, he should be ashamed.
July 4, 2018
1:28:32 PM

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Jeff who runs this league is always looking to cut corners, if you schedule a tournament order new clean port a johns instead of using one that has been there for months. You want to schedule tournaments have clean facilities for these girls.
October 18, 2017
1:57:40 PM

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October 2017 ~ I could not believe what I was told. The CJ Mayhem organization joined this league with the stipulation that our 14/16u team would play on Saturdays and our 18u would play on Sunday's, Allshore agreed to this arrangement. Now to come to learn they have both teams playing on Sunday which leaves us short handed or not able to carry extra girls in case someone were to get hurt just blows my mind. We've played all season long like this and you're going to change their playoff and Championship games now? These poor girls have worked so hard, played so hard ~ for this moment right here! Obviously, when making the schedule, Allshore did not have our girls best interest at heart. Please consider going back to our agreed days, it would be a shame if some of them were unable to play. . #disappointedparent
Ann Marie
October 18, 2017
11:57:13 AM

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Very disappointed in this league. My daughter has played all her games all season on a Saturday. This happened to work out nicely since she also plays for another team on Sundays. We are now going to playoffs and her All Shore team is scheduled to play on Sunday. She has a commitment to another team on Sunday and is not available to participate in playoffs. When we questioned our Coaches and Managers they said they were told that ALL SHORE would not accommodate them on a schedule change. If they played all season on Saturday their playoffs should be on a Saturday. It is not fair to the girls who played all season and earned a spot in the playoff bracket. Why would a league do this?
October 18, 2017
11:16:17 AM

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Just want to say how disappointed I am with Allshore this season. Our organization, CJ Mayhem, has been playing with them every tournament and fall season for the past few years. We have four teams in it this Fall Season. We joined on the agreement with Jeff that our 14/16U division and our 18U division would be playing on opposite days because of girls' commitments to other sports and the fact that we have to borrow within our organization for both teams. Our 10-U team has played all throughout this season on Sundays, and their rec department had worked around the Allshore schedule and scheduled the rec games on Saturdays. With that understanding, Jeff had scheduled the 14/16 to play on Saturdays and the 18U to play on Sundays. Schedules were made accordingly. Now, after playing six weeks of that agreed to schedule, he has switched the 14/16 to play on Sunday along with the 18U girls. Even if the games were spread out and they didn't overlap, which they do, why should any girl have to be expected to play a possibility of 5 to 6 games. Looking at the schedule, there are games scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, so why, why wasn't the schedule just kept the way it was all season. These girls played all season and now have made it to playoffs and some girls won't be able to play because of the unnecessary switch. It is so unfair, and frankly, not the right thing to do to girls who have played their hearts out and have the opportunity to play in a playoff game. It makes you feel like it was all talked and agreed upon just to get and cash a check. The fact of the matter is, there are boundless leagues and tournaments out there. Allshore is not the only game in town. Disappointed, Denise-18U
September 7, 2016
9:42:19 PM

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HS Daughter looking for a team near Jackson area. Plays outfield strong arm very fast. Please contact if interested.
March 22, 2016
2:49:13 PM

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Just curious as to when the spring schedules will be completed ?
July 28, 2008
4:38:17 PM

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Good luck this season! Pitching Aids

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