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February 23, 2020
1:53:29 PM

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I was wondering if you were going to sell stickers and buttons with your logo. I would love to buy a handful of each. It would be a great & cheap way to get your team out there too! More people should know & be involved in this great league!
November 9, 2018
8:42:03 AM

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Can’t wait to see you all again. Miss the ice hockey. See you soon.
Karen DeSoto
Perry Hall
February 20, 2012
8:32:15 PM

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Jim and Theresa miss you both and the job you are doing for these kids has got to be the best reward one can give. I commend both of you for your committment. Love, Karen
billy zinkhan
September 25, 2009
4:24:31 PM

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Well saints here we go with our second season. I hope ever body enjoyed there summer.I look forward to another GREAT season with all of you Coach Billy
April 2, 2009
10:46:49 AM

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Hey Saints, Keep up the great work. You guys can do anything.
Trish Fitzgerald
February 23, 2009
12:17:24 PM

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Congratulations on the Saint-A-Thon! What a great success! We are so proud and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization. And we could not be happier for the team and everyone in the Saints "family". We feel so fortunate to have found this team. Garrett is so excited each week to get up on Saturday morning and go to hockey. But the truth is, I think we love just as much as he does! Watching him progress and seeing his determination and the joy he get's from skating each time he goes out on the ice has been a real gift for Noel and I. Thanks to all the fantastic mentors and coaches and everyone who works so hard to make this experience possible for our children. Here's to many more fun, successful seasons. GO SAINTS!
Clyde Wrathall
Laurel Md
January 23, 2009
7:31:05 PM

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My son Matt plays for the Ice Dogs, we all look forward to meeting the Saints in Buffalo.
Debbie Frank
Towson, MD
July 11, 2008
10:12:52 AM

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Best wishes from Charles and Debbie for the future success of the Baltimore Saints Organization. What a great sense of pride in watching this project come to be - thanks for letting us be part of it!! Go Saints!!
Tracy Fry
May 19, 2008
9:26:23 PM

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As a parent of two sons that are both on the Autism Spectrum, I'm very excited to have found out about this program.
billy zinkhan
March 5, 2008
4:17:43 PM

Entry ID: 1340991
Good luck, Hope everything is going good can not wait to start helping you teach hockey to these special hockey players
Doug Parker
Ellicott City, MD
March 3, 2008
7:39:24 PM

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CONGRATULATIONS & BEST OF LUCK TO BALTIMORE SAINTS SPECIAL HOCKEY ! Thanks for letting the Parker's help in any way that we can.

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Total Entries: 11