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Rosalie Holten
February 1, 2017
9:06:25 PM

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I'm super excited that I get to play softball, and I've never played it before. All of the coaches are really nice. So far I LOVE softball.
Nylah Shipman
January 10, 2017
3:47:45 PM

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can't wait for the softball season to start.
Lucas Ochmann
May 27, 2016
3:03:57 PM

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Loved getting the fields ready all week from the 2 months of rain. This all could not be possible without the great volunteers to CGS!
I. Stephanie
May 6, 2016
10:11:35 PM

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So glad I can get up to date information on this site so I don't have to bother our lovely coach!
April 14, 2016
9:21:20 PM

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Went out to your site today to check it out and A-MAAAAZZZIINNG! I love it! Chris
Theresa Ripley
July 6, 2015
12:06:20 PM

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Thank you for another wonderful softball season CGS so blessed to have met such a wonderful group of volunteers and parents and most important young girls that make this program the BEST!!!!. Such an honor to coach and be a part of this orginzation that strives to make the game educational and fun all at the same time. Looking forward to next season come on spring of 2016!!! Love, Coach Theresa Ripley
Ms. Catherine
May 3, 2015
10:30:22 PM

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It's so nice to see so many familiar faces up at the fields again. Welcome back everyone!
caroline bardy
March 26, 2014
3:33:00 PM

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can the season start faster :)
June 10, 2013
2:54:38 PM

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Sometimes it rains... Sometimes it pours!!
catonsville md
June 8, 2013
9:48:40 AM

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hi cgs!!!!!!!!hope your enjoying the website!!!have fun on the field or the side lines!!! GO TEAM!!!!!!!TTFN(TATA FOR NOW)
Charles and Lynne Yoe
May 28, 2013
7:28:39 PM

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Catonsville, we love you! The generosity of the players and families of the Catonsville Girls Softball League just blows us away. Earlier tonight we picked up your donations for the two girls softball teams in Ecuador and it was unbelievable. Gloves, bats, balls, helmets, cleats, jerseys, equipment bags--you are amazing. We promise you pictures once we deliver this equipment and more when the girls start playing. Thanks you so much, girls and families, you are helping the US make a difference around the world. Jonathan will flip when he sees all of this equipment. God bless you all and thank you again and again.
Jonathan Yoe
Puerto El Morro, Guayas, Ecuador
May 16, 2013
9:56:52 AM

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Hi to all at CGS! I am the peace corps volunteer for whom you are all collecting equipment. I just saw the page (the announcement and photos) and I am seriously touched. You folks have done a wonderful job and I really wish I was there to thank each and every person involved in the collection. You are doing a wonderful thing for these girls. Girls here do not have the same oppotunities that we take for granted back home. Machismo rules down here, unfortunately. This is where the male rules all and the female is only supposed to stay in the house and do chores. Things may be changing some in the bigger cities, but out here in the sticks, it remains the same as it ever was. The girls I am working with really want something to call their own. The boys don´t let them play soccer with them because it´s a sport for guys only. With this team, I hope to give the girls a sport of their own. The goal is not only baseball but self-esteem, teamwork, sportsmanship, and a sense of achievement and equality. You all are making this possible, and I truly am at a loss for words. What you are doing is a loving, wonderful thing. Thank you from the bottome of my heart. Also, I will be sure to send many pics once we start. My Dad is going to visit me at the end of June, so start date to be early July. Thanks so much to all. I truly am in your debt!!! Jonathan Yoe
Mrs. Commish
May 15, 2013
8:46:12 AM

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Thanks for signing the Guestbook! Even you, Charlotte :) I will enter your names in a drawing to win a free Gatorade from the concession stand. Limited time offer - tell your friends!
Karley DiDomenico
May 11, 2013
7:05:02 AM

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Lets [play ball]!!!
May 9, 2013
4:48:04 PM

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Anything that travels that far oughta have a damn stewardess on it. Don't you think?
Caroline Brady
May 8, 2013
10:06:14 PM

Entry ID: 2029466
May 8, 2013
8:59:32 PM

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I threw the pitch like she knew it was coming?
May 8, 2013
6:37:03 PM

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Just throw it at the bull. Alright? Trust me.
Pat Brady
May 6, 2013
3:22:56 PM

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Softball feels good... kinda out there in tubular radical way..
maggie kreis
March 23, 2013
1:52:21 PM

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CGS rocks
January 23, 2013
11:03:48 PM

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Can't wait for the 2013 softball season to begin! So much fun in 2012.
January 8, 2008
9:45:10 AM

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Pitchers, visit

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