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February 22, 2008
7:07:54 AM

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Good luck in 2008!!!
January 18, 2008
3:59:42 PM

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November 24, 2006
3:18:57 PM

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October 21, 2006
3:19:46 PM

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thats me told then, innit? :P
El Sluggerino
October 3, 2006
10:22:42 PM

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So why are you in the guestbook Ms Jaz?? Onyweys ye should visit Powersquad's webbersite 'n' sign their guestbook - nae point in saying hiya to them in ours!
October 3, 2006
8:52:12 PM

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Emma - I have given various people rows over the years for this - the GUESTbook is for guests...all our own backchat and blether should go on in the forum. Join and you too can take part in the joy that is Jim's strange stream of thought. Hiya Powersquard Guys !
Powersquad International
Ontario, Canada and Columbus, Ohio
September 26, 2006
7:46:42 PM

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I see that Powersquad International made your website! All I have to say is that we all ad a ton o' fun in Edinburgh (as you can see by the picture) and having the Demons pay homage to our guys just takes the cake! The Tour to Scotland was one of the BEST times we have ever had playing softball! I hope to see you all again next year (we are already starting the planning phase) and MAYBE we'll bring MORE of the team with us!
September 23, 2006
8:57:43 PM

Entry ID: 940513
**looks to the left**i didnt ask what a fourum was. i asked what a forum was :P
El Sluggerino
September 19, 2006
10:23:23 PM

Entry ID: 937478
A "fourom" is like a "fiveum" but less expensive. This should be obvious to one of even the meanest intelligence.
September 18, 2006
8:57:22 PM

Entry ID: 936508
look to the left - main menu, click on forum and join. Yep we may have some mature players, that is true! But they can sure play a mean game of softball. Yep we could do with some new younger players, I do agree so get looking !! ha ha.
September 18, 2006
8:06:58 PM

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whats a forum please?? and erm, the team photo is on my myspace. i have been getting comments such as "who is the man with the silly tash" and "why are your team all old" lol
September 12, 2006
9:55:01 PM

Entry ID: 931891
All is quiet in the Dalriada Demons guestbook, it's time out untill training/indoor league starts up. We all havin a rest after the season man - it's ok for you scorers out there. Anyway you should be on the forum!
September 11, 2006
8:49:25 PM

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does nobody use this guestbook anymore?????
sioux falls sd
August 31, 2006
2:52:49 AM

Entry ID: 922365
Great site, Looks like you all have alot of fun. Come see us at:
August 19, 2006
1:52:27 PM

Entry ID: 912842
hohoho, but really, he was throwing the first pitch and it was so cute!! i would show you it but tis probably lining the guines pigs cage
El Sluggerino
August 17, 2006
10:42:27 PM

Entry ID: 911527
He could play for us. We'll pay him same as everyone else - peanuts!! (har-de-har)
August 17, 2006
3:28:42 PM

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did anyone else see the monkey playing baseball in the evening times today?
El Sluggerino
August 17, 2006
2:57:18 AM

Entry ID: 910809
El Sluggerino
August 17, 2006
2:51:17 AM

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Hey it's Karen here and I'm a pure individual by the way coz I even like Rock-a-billy music so there!!!!
The One And Only
August 16, 2006
4:12:40 PM

Entry ID: 910233
Isn't it great to be an individual just like you and me and everyone else? Hands up all those of you who know plenty of people who conform with all the correct aspects of non-conformance!!
August 16, 2006
2:50:42 PM

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i am not a Ggoth burd, im a emo kid non conforming as can be, you'd be non conforming too if you looked just like me etc etc. haha 11 votes!
July 31, 2006
3:19:10 PM

Entry ID: 897932
no votes!? i'm well the best dancer!!! i give you a little dance every time i throw the ball. and a little birdy told me that jeff dances like a toad. ha.
Powersquad International
Newmarket, Ontario and Columbus, Ohio
June 22, 2006
10:22:21 AM

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Hello All, Thank you for coming by and visiting our website ( We are very excited to be making the trip to Edinburgh to play some softball with you! We are only coming over with one squad of 12 people, so you will only see a small part of us. In Canada, during our Labour Day tournament, we are bringing six (6) teams (4 co-ed recreational, 1 co-ed competitive, and one men's) to play, as this is more our normal mode of operation. Since this will be our first trip to your neck of the woods, the pictures you have posted are giving my players a good idea of what we are in for. in any event, we would love to have you stop by and chat with us when we are at the fields in Edinburgh, and I hope we can strike up a friendship so that some of the Dalrida Demons could travel to Canada to play with us in our biggest tournament of out softball season. Keep up the good work and we will see you soon! ~~Pierre Dungee, CEO, Powersquad International
El Sluggerino
May 28, 2006
10:57:41 PM

Entry ID: 852160
Nae WRs fur ye - ye're too young - mebbes in 4 year time! That music's grand, bytheway.
Louises Room
May 28, 2006
9:19:42 PM

Entry ID: 852131
Haw, Uncle J, the moozik!? its rotten!! apart from that the site looks great! And go us today at the Tartan Tournament!! And I want a white Russian. :P

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