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William Ellis
Chester, Virginia
July 21, 2015
3:15:58 PM

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What a refreshing difference after an awful experience with another local league. Even your registration process is easier! Rest assured, we will tell everyone how much better it is on THIS side of the fence.
Coach Jones
Chester, VA
November 27, 2013
12:21:12 PM

Entry ID: 2045593
Hello, This is our first year joining the basketball program but my son MeKhi is already hyped to play. He is excited to meet his new teammates and can't wait to hit his first shot. Thanks for creating this program for the youth and even happier that it's close to our home. Pray for an awesome and injury free season. Let's go Scorpions!!
John Levene
March 17, 2010
11:21:07 PM

Entry ID: 1770099
My grandson had a great time with your basketball program and has already signed up for baseball. Thank you to all of the Scott volunteers and coaches. Its a nice and pleasant surprise compared to some other organizations I have seen.
Basketball Jones
March 4, 2010
5:25:21 PM

Entry ID: 1764991
Harrison, Barry & Don: Thank you for putting the Scorpion Basketball program together for these boys. We had a great time and cannot wait until next year. Thank You.
jessica tutton
October 19, 2009
9:20:42 PM

Entry ID: 1716858
Coach Tiffany Kendal and Charlotte thanks for ALL the help that you gave us !!!! We are ALL VERY proud that we won 1st place!!!! Its AWESOME !!!!If we never had you guys we would of NEVER won 1st place !!!!!!!!!!!!!! jessica
Kim Tutton
October 19, 2009
11:27:01 AM

Entry ID: 1716452
I would like to take a moment and acknowledge the Scott Junior Cheerleading squad. This weekends competition for Chesterfield County was a fabulous start to a hopefully great competition season......1st Place!!!! Thanks to coach Kendall, Tiffany and Charolotte for all the hard work and time spent to prepare the team! Great Job!!!! Go Scorpions!!!
Kevin Branch
September 27, 2008
2:56:11 PM

Entry ID: 1467703
Just have to say Great Job to everyone! Man I never imagined how exciting this would be. The boys are awesome as well as the coaches. Are coaching staff is top notch! The Ettrick minors easily could have won today based on their size and speed but without the proper coaching we were able to blast through their line and dominate the game. Keep up the good work and parents dont forget to thank our coaches. If you have never stood beside the pregame and postgame huddles they love our boys and lift their spirits. Sure they are tough on them at times but that builds the team. Go Scorpions!!
Scott Parent
September 15, 2008
5:22:19 PM

Entry ID: 1459362
Way to go boys for winning the Minor, Junior and Senior games on Saturday!!! The cheerleaders looked great. You should all be proud of yourselves!!
charlotte/kaylah allen
June 12, 2008
10:43:33 PM

Entry ID: 1402543
we can't wait for an exciting season... take it to the TOP Scorpions!!!!!
Dawn Taylor
May 24, 2008
2:38:45 PM

Entry ID: 1391506
I am looking forward to the cheerleading season, this will be my daughter's first year as a cheerleader, and she is so excited. I feel this will help her make new friends to add to her old friends. I also believe that this will also help to bring together the students of Elizabeth Scott to work as a team, and show their spirit.
Michaela Sullivan
March 2, 2008
8:55:31 AM

Entry ID: 1338189
I can't wait for my second year as a Flag Cheerleader. Looking forward to seeing all my friends and making new ones. We're gonna win state AGAIN this year!!! Go Scorpions!!
Coach Dave Hollis
February 26, 2008
7:05:00 PM

Entry ID: 1334832
I just wanted to comment on the obvious preparation and dedication that the board displayed at the meeting Thursday night. You had definitely done your homework. I hope one day our board will operate as efficiently. I believe the Lord allows things to happen to build our character as we become more like Him. With this said, I was impressed by how you all handled yourselves in the midst of conflict. If things work out this year concerning our use of your field, praise God and if they don't then praise God also. Either way I pray you will continue to fight the good fight and that you know HIM more and more. Coach Dave Prov.3:5-6
Angela, Cyann & Kira Edens
January 31, 2008
12:21:11 PM

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We think that the website looks great!!! We can not wait for Cheerleading to start!! We are going to have a great year!
Heather Mitchell-Sullivan
January 28, 2008
3:12:56 PM

Entry ID: 1314823
Love the new website and colors...looking forward to a "cheery" new season....looking forward to see all our old friends at the field this year.
Angela Burrell-Brown
January 22, 2008
10:01:57 PM

Entry ID: 1311277
The website looks awesome! Looking forward to next season. Let's go Scorpions!!!
Christy Dunford
January 20, 2008
10:00:13 PM

Entry ID: 1309582
The new website looks great, fantastic job!! I can't wait to start our 2008 season. Go Scorpions!!!

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