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McKiblerBee's Country store
berkeley springs wv
December 6, 2014
7:27:40 PM

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The lady bees came to our store today before their game to shop and gem mine. The school and parents should be proud of their girls! They were very polite and well mannered! We enjoyed having them and hope we made their visit to Berkeley Springs a fun experience! Sincerely stephanie and Don kibler
Butch Phillips
January 23, 2013
5:00:20 PM

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Great website - loads of info
Coach Eakle
Davis, WV
October 23, 2009
11:32:48 AM

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I am impressed with the site and hope that the Bees can repeat the successes that they had last season. Good luck to the Coaches and players. Hope the fans have a lot to cheer about.
Eddie DeVito
Fairmont WV
March 24, 2009
4:12:43 AM

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To all the players, coaches and support staff of East Fairmont High School basketball - Great job this season. As an avid basketball fan, I was able attend over 95 middle school, junior high and high school games this year. There was no question the EFHS teams were the most exciting to watch! The Regional Final against John Marshal was the best game I saw all year and that includes all of the State Title games I attended. To those of you returning, keep up the hard work and dedication. You are headed in the winning direction. To those of you leaving, best of luck and thanks for setting a new standard. To all of you, congrats. I look forward to seeing MY team in Charleston next year!
Dean Bower
February 15, 2009
9:23:17 AM

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Great job to all the coaches and kids. It looks like you guys are having fun. The long hours of conditioning and practice are paying off. The stretch down the road will define what this team is made of. 12 victories all ready and 5 to go until the tournaments. Be proud in your past accomplishments but remain focused on the task ahead. I predict that if you continue to play confident and smart your team will go far. Focus-Focus-Focus and good luck. Swarm those Knights--It's time to make a statement!!
Tony Corley
Pleasant Valley
January 23, 2009
12:49:30 PM

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Great Job on the website Coach Beckman. I have been around alot of great coaches in my Athletic Training career and I must say that the staff at EFHS puts in as much time and effort to their program as I have seen, even at the college level. The fans and parents of EFHS should be proud to have such coaches.
Eddie DeVito
Fairmont WV
January 16, 2009
12:58:50 AM

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Great Job on the Website. The only way it could be better is if other schools update their site as Coach Beckman does ours. I visit the site several times a week and have informed other parents, coaches and officials of what it offers. Bees basketball is a class act. Keep up the good work. The Eastside community and Bee family are lucky to have such dedication!!!
Dean Bower
December 31, 2008
11:40:29 AM

Entry ID: 1535140
Great job on the website. If hard work and dedication determine the outcome of success you guys are already state champions. Keep up the hard work coaches and players. Your hard work will pay off.
Ryan Sevier
December 30, 2008
1:42:35 PM

Entry ID: 1534781
SHOUTOUT!! special thanks goes out to Coach "Jimmy" Beckman for the time and dedication to our East Fairmont Boys Basketball website..thanks Coach "Jimmy" Beckman love from the players <3

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