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East Lothian
October 2, 2016
6:51:48 AM

Entry ID: 2078957
We've reached over 100,000 GENUINE visits to the website today!!! Thanks to everyone who's visited!!!
moira jeffrey
east lothian
November 8, 2014
3:07:55 AM

Entry ID: 2059620
A massive GOOD LUCK to Caitlin as she heads off to Daytona Beach, Florida tomorrow (Sun 9th Nov) to take part in the Trampoline, DMT & Tumbling World Age Groups as part of team GB for DMT! Well done for getting through the trials & being selected - along with Lauren - who is a coach for the Junior DMT GB Team!! Go girls - & have fun in Florida!!!!!
moira jeffrey
east lothian
July 6, 2012
9:31:48 AM

Entry ID: 1977775
GOOD LUCK to Lauren M, Lauren J, Kirsteen, Callum, Aaron, Laurie, Caitlin, Ciara & Natasha, who left Edinburgh today, to travel to the N.I.A. in Birmingham, for the British Championships 2012. Hope you all have a very successfull weekend - and have fun!! Thanks to coaches Lauren, Kayleigh & Kirsty, plus all the accompanying parents, who have travelled to the event to support our qualifiers. A MASSIVE, MASSIVE GOOD LUCK!!!
moira jeffrey
East Lothian
November 7, 2011
12:01:25 AM

Entry ID: 1932292
GOOD LUCK to all CETC qualifiers for the SCOTTISH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 in Perth on Saturday (12th November). Do your best - and most importantly - have a great day!!! Moira x
moira jeffrey
East Lothian
July 21, 2011
7:03:08 AM

Entry ID: 1900212
Hope all the CETC qualifiers for the BRITISH NATIONAL TRAMPOLINE & DMT CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011, who are leaving for Birmingham tomorrow (Friday 22nd July) have a very successful weekend. GOOD LUCK to Callum, Lauren, Kayleigh, Laurie, Ciara and Caitlin - do your best & have a great time!
Moira Jeffrey
east lothian
July 22, 2010
1:15:53 AM

Entry ID: 1809068
GOOD LUCK to the 6 CETC qualifiers who leave Edinburgh for Birmingham tomorrow afternoon(Friday 23rd July) to take part in the BRITISH TRAMPOLINE & DMT NATIONALS 2010 at the N.I.A. over the weekend. Your supporters will be there with you all the way - flying the CETC flag!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!!!
Lauren J
East Lothian
March 18, 2010
12:05:23 PM

Entry ID: 1770339
Goodluck to all CETC members at the March SG Grading competition this weekend and goodluck to our Team of 7 individuals taking part in the British GYmnastics Northern Irish Gala Weekend in Belfast on 27th & 28th March!! Go CETC!!!!
Lauren Jeffrey
East Lothian
September 7, 2009
8:00:39 AM

Entry ID: 1693471
Just wanted to say Thank you to all those involved in organising the SG Awards Dinner, it was a great night, nice to see the committee when I am not wearing a tracksuit!! It was great of CETC to nominate me for Trampoline Coach Of The Year, and I was honoured to get it!!! Thanks you for all the letters of support for my nomination, I can't believe you all managed to do that without me knowing!!! Lauren :-)
claire lovell
July 20, 2009
7:48:52 AM

Entry ID: 1663407
Well done Laurie, Aaron & Lauren. You made us proud! Clairexxx
Cole Ronald
New Zealand
July 16, 2009
11:55:59 PM

Entry ID: 1661811
Best of luck to CETC DMT team Aaron Yule, Laurie Doonan and Lauren Millar who are getting ready for brittish finals this weekend this is amazing achievement and goodluck i hope you all do well and that you all enjoy the experience.
Kathrine Milne
July 11, 2009
11:11:41 AM

Entry ID: 1659079
Just wanted to say thanks to all the coaches at Summer School 1 (Lauren, Kayleigh, Lori and Eilidh) for their hard work in making it a fantastic camp. It was a great week.
moira jeffrey
east lothian
May 15, 2009
11:20:34 AM

Entry ID: 1625445
A massive 'GOOD LUCK' to all our Club competitors tomorrow in the first B.G. DMT competition in England for CETC! Go for it!!
Cole Ronald
New Zealand
December 13, 2008
11:12:19 AM

Entry ID: 1526799
Just wanted to say Thank You to all people who took part in , and organised the City Of Edinburgh Trampoline Club Christmas Display today. I thoroughly enjoyed the day!! as an adult member it was great to see so many people take part and display there skills! It just proves that trampolining is for all ages and abilities an gave me the inspiration to learn some new moves next year. A huge well done to the coaching team - you must all be so proud of the outstanding results this year and i wish you and the competitors all the best of luck for 2009. The tombola and tuck shop were great today, but i really enjoyed watching the synchro and double mini tramp displays. Well done to all those who organised it and took part. Merry Christmas. Cole
Lauren Jeffrey
East Lothian
October 14, 2008
6:13:01 AM

Entry ID: 1480959
GREAT job on updating the website....looks great! Hope people enjoy reading the updates and use the calendar, which includes competition dates for next year!! :-)
Lauren Jeffrey
Stirling/east lothain
July 1, 2008
8:31:45 AM

Entry ID: 1412800
WELL done to all those who took part and helped out at the Club Champs competition at crags on 29th june. day was a great success with over 50 entrants and 20 synchro pairs competing on the day!! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did. Thanks again!! Lauren x
carol melville
June 25, 2008
1:17:00 PM

Entry ID: 1409745
hi to everyone well done to everyone in comp and good luck for sunday at the craggs
Lauren Jeffrey
East Lothian/Stirling
May 15, 2008
9:39:24 AM

Entry ID: 1386891
THIS IS A REQUEST for volunteers to help with the Bagpacking fundraiser event scheduled for 7thy June at Asda @ The Jewel. This event has been organised by Sarah Melville as a fundraiser towards raising money for new club trampolines. I am unable to be at this event as I am in Perth sitting my next level coaching course :-(. So on this occasion I am hoping that parent volunteers will support this fundraising event and help co-ordinate the volunteers on the day or even volunteer themselves to help out!! If anyone is interested in helping or would like more information contact sarah.melville@cityofedinburghtrampolineclub or myself lauren.jeffrey@cityofedinburghtrampolineclub. We look forward to hearing from you. Lauren Jeffrey, Head Coach, CETC
Susan Anderson
April 15, 2008
12:17:28 AM

Entry ID: 1368952
Hi, impressed with the website. Great to have up-to-date info at the touch of a button...isn't technology wonderful - when it works of course!! Claire (our daughter) enjoyed the last competition in March and is looking forward to the next one, albeit she was as nervous as anything. I told her 'she'd be fine' - Claire said, "it's OK for you mum, you just have to watch!!" She was chuffed to bits to come 4th place in the Level 4 category!! Go Claire!!!! Andy & Susan Anderson x
Lauren Jeffrey
East Lothian/ Stirling
March 24, 2008
3:19:08 AM

Entry ID: 1354224
HUGE well done to everyone who took part in yesterdays Nationals Grading Competition in Perth!! Hope you all had fun!! Outstanding results for the club- soon to be posted on this site as soon as they are sent out by Scottish Gymnastics. Thank you very much to our club officials and volunteers who put themselves forward to help at yesterdays competition- without these people your children would not be able to participate (see S.G rules on entry numbers/officials ratios)We always need volunters so if you interested please email the Club Secretary - your help would be greatly appreciated!!!! CETC Officials at Nationals Grading Competition 23/3/08: Judges: Claire Lovell, Mhari Doonan, Kayleigh Jeffrey, Kirsty Beaton Marshall: Lynn Reilly Manual Recorder: Sandra Millar Thanks again for your help and support and well done everyone!!! Fantastic Results!!! :-)
Sarah Melville
March 23, 2008
11:38:39 AM

Entry ID: 1353550
Hey everyone, I would just like to say a big welldone to all the competitors who took part in the competition today.It was a great day with more new members going for their competition. Sarah :)
Sarah Melville
March 6, 2008
12:42:01 PM

Entry ID: 1341863
Hey everyone, The site is looking really good well done to eveyone who has uploaded things onto it. Keep the good work up. :-). Oh and I got a reply from Asda, The Jewel for bag packing for June. So now all i need is some volunteers.
Claire Lovell
March 6, 2008
7:22:46 AM

Entry ID: 1341579
Hi Guys Great to have a website up and running. Loving the Coaches profile pictures lol. Well done to everyone who has worked on the website. xx
Kathrine Milne
March 2, 2008
1:01:54 PM

Entry ID: 1338466
Well done on the Club's new website - it looks really good. I was really surprised to be the Club's first bonus ball winner. If you haven't already signed up to this, then see Lynn Reilly as you have a good chance of winning and it also helps Club funds. I'm also a parent of a new member (Laura) and have found everyone connected with the Club to be enthusiastic and friendly. Many thanks.
Gordon Ricketts
February 24, 2008
4:00:10 AM

Entry ID: 1332549
Great to see your new website taking shape. I know that as a parent of a new member (Andrew), getting the right information and on time is important to me. This looks to be a good place to get details on club events and when fees are due which will be great. The Forum is a good idea and will help everyone associated with the club share information and help build a community outside those who attend the weekly training sessions. Good luck with the new site and hope you can make this a success. I know that this will only be possible with a level of commitment from the club admins to keep it up to date so can I urge them to spend some time on the site content on a regular basis, even if it is just a few minutes here or there. I'll promise to do my part and use the site regularly. Ricketts family.
Lauren Jeffrey
Stirling/ East Lothian
February 9, 2008
11:05:31 AM

Entry ID: 1322784
Just thought id sign in to let you know ive checked out our new website!! looking good, and hope as its updated that it will prove useful for parents/trampolininsts to keep up to date with whats going on in the Club! Congratulations to our 2 bouncers who have been selected for East Of Scotland Squad- huge achievement, very proud of you guys and hope you enjoy it!!! All the best to CETC for 2008!! Lauren :-)

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