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October 26, 2020
10:11:39 AM

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1971 & 1972 Little league champs were the Troys I see you have it missing.
August 9, 2019
11:44:23 AM

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Dane Avagliano
February 1, 2016
12:23:50 AM

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I played little league baseball for the CWV back in the 60s Coaches name was Mr Charles smith he was a police officer at the time plus a coach. What a great field it was. Wish I had pictures or video of playing ball in Hoboken. Hoboken was a great place to learn how to play ball.
Awilda Colon
May 14, 2014
8:28:01 PM

Entry ID: 2052602
Hey Guys My son Looks At Stats Everyday , and noticed that his Stats are not their and some others can u guys please update the Stats, Thanks Mrs. COLON
John Mack
Tinton Falls NJ
April 23, 2014
3:29:56 PM

Entry ID: 2051613
Hi Benny, Spoke about maybe having our kids from Tinton Falls take a trip North to play some a competitive baseball. Where else than the Birth Place of Baseball, Hoboken. We looked over our schedule and have May 4, 2014 available. We would love to bring two teams so we can make a day of it. If that day is good for you just give me a call @ 732-241-5081. If that day's not good, pick a date and let me know, will come up with a plan. Our kids are excited about playing in little Yankee Stadium. Talk to you soon Ben, good luck with your season.
Justin Figueroa
December 13, 2012
4:48:40 PM

Entry ID: 2011253
Best coach by far.. Coach Stui!
Justin Figueroa
December 12, 2012
11:12:32 AM

Entry ID: 2011046
Hey, the photo album pictures aren't popping up only some are and i would like to seemy old team. #Russos!
June 18, 2012
6:23:15 PM

Entry ID: 1975170
Although, we did not take the win our boys played their Hearts out, So My Hat off to the Young Dems, and to the Coaches for doing a Great Job and throughout all the Negativity , they still remained and stood with their Integrity & Humble, So Thanks Matt, Ralph & CJ and the Dads & Moms for a Great Year!!
June 12, 2012
6:15:55 PM

Entry ID: 1974326
I am Proud to have 2 of My Boys Play for Young Dems and for Matt Gallo, He is By far the most Humble and Respectful Coach, That Deserves Respect, So With that said Were going to take it all the Way as we did in 2010. Woo Hoo, Let's Go Young Dems!!!!
June 11, 2012
10:37:59 PM

Entry ID: 1974197
We on our way baby!!! Youn Dems got what it takes to Win Big!!!
June 6, 2012
6:27:05 PM

Entry ID: 1973384
Young Dems is the Best team we got in Hoboken right now....and we are going to win this year 2012
Angel Quinones
June 6, 2012
6:22:16 PM

Entry ID: 1973381
I really hope that one day we have a real little league in Hoboken and not a bunch of Mafia's....that is what it seems to so sad...
October 27, 2011
12:51:51 PM

Entry ID: 1927639
I have nothing but fond memories of playing in the league in the1960's for the Nelsons . Great league and kids and wonderful memories. Who can forget Joe Pullano !!!
ii LoVe CooKii3z ii
May 28, 2010
6:13:48 PM

Entry ID: 1794844
ii hope my team could make it to da playoffs thiis year!!!!
Dane Avagliano
Kissimmee, Florida
May 6, 2010
8:25:17 PM

Entry ID: 1788063
In 1961 to 1963 I played for the CWV little leaque team and Mr Charles Smith was the Head Coach at the time. I remember I was really a good player and moved to little ferry NJ were I played ball there for 2years and received the highest honor as the best player in the leaque. Thanks to growing up in Hoboken NJ I learned how to play ball well. Growing up in Hoboken was a great childhood. My entire family were all good in sports Especially baseball. Thank you Hoboken.
John Mack
inton Falls
April 10, 2010
12:34:31 PM

Entry ID: 1778972
Hi Benny, I see ya can't get away from coaching the kids. Good for you and better for them. I was in town and seen what you guys have done with the field. Incredable, nothing but the best for the best. If ya get a chance, give me a call I'd like to stop down and see all you oldtimers(lol). John Mack 732-904-6998
John Mack
Tinton Falls
April 9, 2010
9:11:29 AM

Entry ID: 1778498
Congrads on the great job you continue to do for the children of Hoboken. Your dedication is second to none. I just seen that you name a field MAMA JOHNSON FIELD. I don't know how long ago this was done (today is 4/9/2010) but it put a tear in my eye. For those who knew her, you are blessed. For those who didn,t your now blessed with a ballfield to play on in her honor. Mama Johnson was an amazing woman and a mom to everyone. Great job. Coach John Mack UNICO 1970-1987
Marty Reed
March 18, 2010
9:04:03 PM

Entry ID: 1770430
Good luck in 2010 from Marty from Bayonne Little League.
joey aka. the real number 91
February 17, 2010
7:49:11 PM

Entry ID: 1760084
ive been out of little league now for 1 year and im just hear to say that cassesa's year to win it all is this year no doubt..peace
ric gee
January 26, 2010
11:07:19 AM

Entry ID: 1753567
It was 1962 when the Kiwanis beat the Nelsons in the Championship series. Sorry about the date mistake.
ric gee
January 26, 2010
10:58:03 AM

Entry ID: 1753559
1961 City champs were the Kiwanis. Eric Lawton was in his first year as coach.
October 10, 2009
7:43:13 AM

Entry ID: 1711795
HaHa u people were saying ohh mas demelition is going to win it again well you were wrong and some of you well most of you give no credit to the team that played there hearts out Congradulations M&H Construction you players deserved it M&H 2009 Champs!!!!!!!
Justin Figueroa aka FIGI
September 4, 2008
10:34:57 AM

Entry ID: 1452249
watz up hoboken given a shout out 2to my team russos and also saying congratz to mas demolition and all the other teams that played der hearts out watz up stui, tony,and all my old teammates well im out 1

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