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August 20, 2019
8:47:04 PM

Entry ID: 2095412
Hi there, I am looking for a competitive U14 team for my daughter for the upcoming fall season. She plays forward and has been playing competitive for the last 2 years. Please call me at (650)3338206. Thanks
August 20, 2019
8:44:13 PM

Entry ID: 2095411
Hi there, I am looking for a competitive U14 team for my daughter for the upcoming fall season. She plays forward and has been playing competitive for the last 2 years. Please call me at (650)3338206. Thanks
pratish chandra
hayward ca
November 9, 2015
10:16:34 AM

Entry ID: 2069454
hi there i wanted to volunterer to be a coach for any U16 teams..
February 22, 2012
12:20:22 PM

Entry ID: 1955010
Hello , I have an almost 8 yr old son ,who would like to play this year. I am really lost with how to do it for his age leveL . He has never really played before . Also how much is it . Any infomation would be truly helpful.ta
August 18, 2011
7:10:13 PM

Entry ID: 1907215
does anyone have the under 6 game schedule???? Games start on Saturday?
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July 21, 2011
11:40:14 AM

Entry ID: 1900271
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July 27, 2010
6:22:07 PM

Entry ID: 1810456
My son 9 yrs old is interested to join you please do let me know your contact number and email where I can get more information. Thanks
May 8, 2010
8:54:01 PM

Entry ID: 1788610
I was wondering how much would it cost if my son would join the soccerleage
Esperanza Izazaga
Hayward, California
January 20, 2010
11:00:05 AM

Entry ID: 1751860
I am interested in signing up my 14 year old son for soccer. Can he still enroll?
Joe Gonsalves
November 10, 2009
8:52:04 PM

Entry ID: 1728779
My daughter just finished her regular season, u14.Now she wants to play winter league. I need info on tryouts,when season starts,and how to sign up.
Sue Vinella
October 31, 2009
11:27:12 AM

Entry ID: 1723197
Want to make sure the G U10 Hurricanes check the game time and location change for the 11/1 soccer game.
Blanca Flores
Hayward, CA 94544
August 5, 2009
7:29:01 PM

Entry ID: 1672547
Hello, i'm wondering about how to register my 7 year old son.I need to know where and when. thanks
April 16, 2009
9:34:33 AM

Entry ID: 1606722
Good Morning, I would like to sign-up my 4 year old, but first I need to know what time the munchkins practice? Can someone please tell me. I tried contacting (510) 881-HYSL but the voicemail is full. Thanks!
Carlos Quezada
Castro valley
September 29, 2008
11:09:56 AM

Entry ID: 1469162
Hello, My son just turned 4. Can I get some info. on how & when I can get him started Thanks Carlos
ana galvan
August 31, 2008
1:45:48 PM

Entry ID: 1450069
hello I'm trying to look for the schedule for 4109 team fireball sharks but I don't know were to go can some one direct me please thank you.
Adriel Castano
August 18, 2008
3:13:58 PM

Entry ID: 1441548
I have an 11yr old son and looking to place him on a team. Please advise me on where and how to get started to enroll him on a team.
Robert Topete
August 15, 2008
11:57:23 PM

Entry ID: 1440253
Please advise where I can find the schedule of referees so I can preplan and ensure one will be available at our games (Girls U10). Thanks!
Robert Topete
August 15, 2008
11:54:22 PM

Entry ID: 1440252
Please add me to your e-mail list of updates and information.
August 9, 2008
10:03:08 AM

Entry ID: 1435876
Last I heard on Meet Your Coach Day tema 4143 would try to find another coach... It's past Aug 1. What has happened. PARENTS 4143: has it been resolved. NO ONE has called me.. the HYSL phone mail box has been full. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHATS GOING ON... my son's name is nicholas gregory team 4143/ boys 6+. THANKS
Daljit Tumber
August 5, 2008
1:32:17 PM

Entry ID: 1433454
Hello, My son is 5 and 1/2 yrs old, I am looking for him a team, would you please let me know how will I do and also myslef want to be coach, let me know what is the procedure for this.
Than Vilayphanh
July 31, 2008
1:11:29 PM

Entry ID: 1430485
Please add me to your email list for Updates and Info about the league. Thanks
July 9, 2008
9:00:11 AM

Entry ID: 1416651
I hope you read this!! My son is supposed to play on U8 league. On June 28th we went to meet your Coach Day, and there was no coach assign to the team, is already July 9th and no one has contacted us. This is a shame!!! We are supposed to be mentors for these little children. We are supposed to show them integrity and responsibility but I guess HYSL lack of it!!
July 5, 2008
2:27:21 PM

Entry ID: 1414756
For Coach Tony: I lost my cell phone, so I do not have your number. Will you please call my husband's phone at (510) 432-7140 so we can schedule a time to meet? My daughter is Kylie and she's in U6. Thanks!
Grace Untalan
June 24, 2008
12:59:50 PM

Entry ID: 1409070
Please add me to the email list for info updates. Thanks.
Rafaela Gonzalez
April 9, 2008
3:31:01 PM

Entry ID: 1365537
Please add me to your email list for HYSL updates and information. Thank you.

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