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August 25, 2006
9:40:11 PM

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I had a concern reguarding the number of players that are allowed to play in an under 10 division game...ect... how come in a real game of soccer there are 11 players playing at once on one team a total of 22 on a field but in the under 10 division there's only 9 players playing and a bunch of subs that hardly get to play?
August 20, 2006
10:05:17 AM

Entry ID: 913440 come there is only one picture for the Div.III teams? There is more than one Div.III team and they should all be pictured. It would also really be nice if there were pictures from the Hayward tournament on Aug.12&13. Thanks for your comitment to HYSL. I know the kids all appreciate it even if they don't always say so, and I think I can speak for most parents when I say we certainly do appreciate you all.
Laura Vaihola
August 7, 2006
12:49:16 AM

Entry ID: 902893
I have a 4 year old son that is interested in playing soccer. If it's too late for this year, is there a way that I can be notified for the next season. I also have another son that will be 4 next April who will want to play. Please let me know via email. Thank You, Laura Vaihola
July 26, 2006
6:41:29 PM

Entry ID: 894673
Re: 7/25/06 entry re Serena Costodio-Fenion: My apologies - but you can contact us through email and/or phone (786-6526 [grandma's house] or 289-1602 [mom's cell]). Thank you, Grandma Stella and Mom Gina.
July 25, 2006
1:42:45 PM

Entry ID: 893680
As of today (7/25), we haven't heard from the coach. On "meet the coach" day, we didn't see or meet coach Florence (according to posted roster). My granddaughter is Serena Costodio-Fenion, her team #254. Please contact me, it would be most appreciated. (Serena's brother has been attending soccer practice and she's anxious to meet her coach and attend practice to.) Thank you.
Mary Mallet
July 25, 2006
12:37:43 PM

Entry ID: 893628
To the Registrar: During April, we registered my ganddaughter to play House HYSL soccer for the second year. We have not heard from anyone. We did not even receive the flyer to attend "Meet the Coach" Day. Now, last year, there wasn't a coach in the beginning. Is this going to happen to her yearly until she gets noticed by a "faithful" coach and he wants her on his team? Please contact us. Name: Camryn Adams Address: 28139 Dobbel Avenue, Hayward, 94542 Phone: 510-430-2922 or 510-886-6021 DOB: 7-16-1999 Thanks for your time, Mary Mallet, Grandmother, and Leah Mallet, Mom
July 14, 2006
10:21:44 AM

Entry ID: 885659
hey my son is fourteen and he is competitive how can i sign him up for the hayward soccer league for 14 year olds
Lorena Viale
July 13, 2006
10:40:37 AM

Entry ID: 884922
How can I get a sponsor form for HYSL? Also I would like to know if you have hardship program for my younger daughters. Thank you.
June 14, 2006
10:43:55 PM

Entry ID: 864415
My daughter just turned 6. I'm looking for a soccer class for beginner girls. She's played on her Kindergarten playground and 2 months with H.A.R.D. 4-5yr olds. They don't offer soccer for 6 years olds after 5pm. As such, I'm seeking other options. Does HYSL provide such classes for my daughter's age/experience level?
Arnaldo Jarquin
May 23, 2006
10:55:30 PM

Entry ID: 849083
I am looking for the registration fees amount, but your new web has nothing mentioned here.
May 19, 2006
6:12:59 PM

Entry ID: 845836
when will u guyz call 4 select teams?
April 11, 2006
8:54:44 PM

Entry ID: 816494
How would I become a coach or assistant coach for hysl. i used to play for hysl when i was younger from under 10 to under 16 and really enjoyed the league please let me know for any age or season you may have availble. Thank you Meghan
Musa A Sarary
March 8, 2006
8:01:46 AM

Entry ID: 788308
To of you a thousand thanks for making HYSL possible. Musa
February 28, 2006
9:50:18 PM

Entry ID: 782495
hey David great job with this website, it's really cool. Hope to see you soon!

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