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October 15, 2018
6:56:23 PM

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p[ayed in 1960 Archie Weatherly was the coach I was in air police, to get off, had to work 10 graveyard shifts with two days off only meal was breakfast after midnight shiftliked the village at gate two fried rice, soba
Marion, IL
January 26, 2014
5:21:25 PM

Entry ID: 2047795
I played for the Eagles in 1987-1988 Ratcliff was our coach I was a crew chief with 376OMS and most everyone else on the team were SP's I was hoping that someone might have some photos of the team we had back then.
David Sisler
Cedar Park, TX
July 26, 2013
10:22:50 AM

Entry ID: 2036617
Did a search and look what a find. A web site for Kadena AB baseball team. I was stationed at the base in 1967-1969. We had a baseball team then. With a real baseball. Haha... Seriously we did. The year before I played with the team, they had won the Island Championship. We played the Mariners Army,Navy,and a team from Japan. I know we played a couple of other teams and I'm not sure if the Mariners had two team or maybe the Army had two. But it sure was a lot of fun. I have a picture of our team, but I don't have it download on the laptop. It's hanging on the wall in my man cave. Good Luck to the team.
Camp Schwab
April 5, 2012
1:42:43 PM

Entry ID: 1963771
How do we try out for the team?
April 17, 2011
12:24:59 PM

Entry ID: 1880646
I haven't played baseball in a few years but would really like to start playing again. I was just wondering when you guys hold try outs.
Jahsan Page
March 28, 2011
8:22:22 PM

Entry ID: 1875271
Good Luck with all those upcoming tournaments. I definitely miss playing ball in Okinawa with the team. Glad to see that it is still going on.
Charles Frego
Norfolk, NY
June 19, 2010
9:53:13 PM

Entry ID: 1801405
Wonderful Site... Looks like a great time for everyone and a great opportunity for all stationed in Kadena. Can't wait for more updates and pictures.
Bruce Cartwright
Hurricane, WV
May 3, 2010
6:54:23 PM

Entry ID: 1786514
Supporting USMC GCSS Program and will be stationed in Okinawa soon. Love baseball and want to be a part of the action in any form.
Falcon Fan
Fairfield CT
April 27, 2010
7:25:00 AM

Entry ID: 1784608
Thank you one and all for your service to our nation. GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy Keck Donahue
Quinlan, TX
September 26, 2009
5:41:46 AM

Entry ID: 1704120
Just stopped by to check out your son went to college on a baseball scholarship so I am a big fan of the game. My daughter, Kelci Donahue, is stationed at Kadena. She is in the Army and is a 68 Tango. She has been there since July and says she absolutely loves it. She was a star athlete in HS and especially loves softball. She hopes to play some softball for the Army while she is enlisted. Good Luck this year and thanks for all y'all do. Sincerely, Cindy Donahue
West Putnam Athletic Association
September 7, 2009
11:16:43 AM

Entry ID: 1693248
Thanks for visting our site .but most of all thanks for the sacrifices you & your families make for us. Great page! Good luck with your season!
August 16, 2009
3:30:45 PM

Entry ID: 1678906
jacks are better than the japeeess
August 16, 2009
3:28:27 PM

Entry ID: 1678905
go jacks there 1
Cpl Trottingwolf, James C
Bartlesville, Ok
August 15, 2009
3:37:56 AM

Entry ID: 1678406
Coach Dong, Hope all is going well with the team. I miss playing with all you guys. I wish you all the best of luck. Thanks for the oppertunity to play with you when the Kadena Eagles made their first season. I will never forget that experience. Again it was fun and good luck Cpl Trottingwolf Aka Mouth
August 2, 2009
7:54:29 AM

Entry ID: 1669798
Good Job keep up all the good work
Troy Gonzales
Chandler AZ
June 5, 2009
3:22:07 AM

Entry ID: 1637443
Thanks for serving, our familes look up to you folks. Our 12U travel team is worry free because they have folks like you protecting them. Be safe and have fun playing the great game of baseball.
Coach Scott
Lake Asbury, Fl
May 17, 2009
11:44:20 AM

Entry ID: 1626026
Great site guys, we want to thank all of you for what you do day in and day out and we want to also thank you for visitng our site for the Clay County PAL 10U Bandit Travel ball team. All of you are a true insperation to the young players that we have on the ball field, keep up the great work and keep on keeping on with America's favorite past time of baseball. We are posting a picture of all of our players holding a sign on our website thanking all of you for what you do. Thank ya'll and god bless.
May 3, 2009
2:31:00 AM

Entry ID: 1616283
This website is good
Brighton Courage
May 3, 2009
2:13:01 AM

Entry ID: 1616271
Great job guys!!! keep up the great work on and off the field.
May 2, 2009
8:42:09 AM

Entry ID: 1615986
mlb is better than the japanesse league
Acreage RedSox
Loxahatchee, Florida
April 25, 2009
1:01:02 PM

Entry ID: 1611739
Thanks for stopping by our page guys. We love you all and thank you for keeping our country safe! God Bless you all and God Bless America!
Mike Salmon
HazelGreen Al.
April 23, 2009
1:18:27 PM

Entry ID: 1610721
Thanks for visting our site. I my self am an Army Vet. We are all brothers for the same cause. God Bless and Good luck this season. GO Eagles!!!!!!!
Dave Dolson
Brighton, CO.
March 17, 2009
1:51:32 AM

Entry ID: 1584656
First of thank you for what all you guys and gals do for us. Thanks also for visiting our team site. Visit our site any time and we would love to hear from you. Our season starts March 31st this year. We are a team of 12-13 year olds playing in a A division. We would love to hear about what it is like to play BASEBALL in Japan. I know some of the guys would love to have Baseball pen pals in another part of the world. Let me know. Dave
Jim Demastus
Hartselle, AL
March 10, 2009
7:16:59 AM

Entry ID: 1580017
Hey guys, thanks for visiting our site! You site is really great too. Good luck with your this year, and THANKS so much for all you guys do for our nation. Let's play ball!!! Coach Jim
Terry Goodwin
Ramstein, Germany
March 3, 2009
3:56:43 AM

Entry ID: 1575139
Best of luck this year! Hope you all do great. Win the tournaments this time.

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