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Anthony Rieck
Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
October 12, 2008
12:09:10 AM

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Thanks for visiting our site. Just finished up the AF Baseball BASH where Luke AFB hosted. Included teams from Andrews, Altus, DM, and Luke. Tinker and Nellis were also scheduled to play but unfortunately had to drop out. Good luck in your season.
Hitmen Coach
Miami, Florida
October 10, 2008
9:48:22 AM

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Thank you for visiting our web site at I was stationed at Camp Courtney back in 1999, so I know Kadena well. Good luck in your season, and go get'em "One Hit At A Time". Miami Hitmen
Long Beach California
October 8, 2008
5:26:10 AM

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Best of luck and thanks for all you do for us! I am 13 years old and have been playing baseball in So Cal since I was 4. Hope you all love it as much as I do.
AWACS rules
October 7, 2008
1:58:29 PM

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Good Luck this weekend!
Dalia Munoz
Hialeah, FL
October 7, 2008
12:31:48 PM

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Thanks for visiting our website! We are a very competitive league with many of our players making it to the big league! Keep checking back! Loved your slide show, will add to my website! May God Bless you all and we will keep you in our prayers. Good luck!
Coach Luis #66
Miami Florida
October 7, 2008
3:48:20 AM

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Thanks for visiting our website and good luck to to you guys this season. Good to see you guys are playing ball and THANK YOU for your service! Go Kadena Air Base!
Colorado Springs, Co
October 4, 2008
1:01:42 PM

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Thanks for the attaboy's, congratulations on your Season. Bombers Baseball
F15 Guy
Kadena AB
October 1, 2008
5:01:56 PM

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Great game last week! Finish the season strong. Hope to try out in the spring.
Orange County, Ca
September 26, 2008
11:47:26 PM

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Good luck guys!!
Go Eagles
September 26, 2008
11:03:15 PM

Entry ID: 1466865
Good luck with the rest of you season. You guys have a good time.
San Jose, CA
September 24, 2008
1:53:31 PM

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Thanks for visiting our San Jose Shock website you have a nice site also, good luck in Japan Thanks again San Jose Shock Webmaster
San Jose Shock
San Jose
September 24, 2008
1:38:51 PM

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Hi, Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. We wish you guys well and keep the game going. We'd also like to send you a shirt to wear around Japan. Please let me know what size you'd like. Thanks, Troy Roessler Manager San Jose Shock 12u
13 U Az Desert Blaze player
Chandler, Az
September 21, 2008
5:45:24 AM

Entry ID: 1462528
Why do you guys play in japan?
Sierra Vista Heat
Sierra Vista, AZ
September 20, 2008
5:04:44 AM

Entry ID: 1462013
Yesterday I visited your website, I was looking for a competitive baseball team for my 11 year old son, and today I checked the guestbook and "can you say KARMA" you guys had visited our site. I am thinking of taking a new job in your area, my sons baseball is very important to us and we want to make sure that he is an area where he can grow. We know that Japan LOVES baseball, almost as much as US:) Currently my son plays on a 12U team that my husband formed here in AZ (you saw the website). We play in Tucson and Phoenix. Do you know of any competitive youth teams in the Kadena area? My husband and I are both retired Army-WE thank You for your service to our Country! Be Safe!
Coach Jon Darby
Highland, California, USA
September 19, 2008
11:35:23 PM

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Thank You for visiting our website. We would love to trade t-shirts with you guys!!!!
Wellington, Florida
September 17, 2008
12:52:05 AM

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Great website. It must be very exciting to be plaing in a different country. Please visit our website: Have a great season !!!
Murph AZ
Phoenix, AZ
September 10, 2008
10:21:59 AM

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Thanks for signing our guestbook for Arcadia high school in AZ. Love it over there!!! Will be in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hoikido in October photographing golf courses for the Pacific Golf Managment company..
September 9, 2008
9:32:39 PM

Entry ID: 1455426
Thx 4 visiting our website if you support us we will support you . baseball grows in germany!!! Neandertaler 4 Life
Jeff Phillips
Dinuba, California USA
September 9, 2008
2:40:06 PM

Entry ID: 1455397
Saw your entry on my team web site: Central Valley ConeXion 18U at My son played for team USA in Osaka Japan in 2006, he traveled to Tokoyo,Osaka, and a few other cities playing against Japanese all star teams until they played in the Osaka Dome where they were invited to play in the Japanese World Boys League tournament which had 16 foriegn countries participate, They played the Japanese National Team in the Dome for the opening game, it was a irreplaceable event in his life. Thanks for your efforts in the Military representing us, My Father is a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam War, he was on Navy Destroyer and a River Patrol Boat in the Mecon Delta, "not sure if this is the correct spelling" Keep up the good work and thanks for covering our backs... Peace and God be with you...
September 6, 2008
8:55:36 AM

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I am looking to play some ball when I get stationed at Kadena this fall. I will e-mail you.
Elk Grove, CA
September 5, 2008
7:09:45 AM

Entry ID: 1452513
Great website! Does someone have relatives in the Galt/Elk Grove/Sac area? What are you guys looking for in sponsors? I'm assuming it's to help cover equipment, fees, etc. like us. I'll let the boys know that you visited our website, they will be thrilled that a team from Japan visited our site. Take care and good luck in all that you guys do.
Fairfield Indians
Fairfield, CA
September 3, 2008
4:31:30 PM

Entry ID: 1451486
Great website. Good to see you guys are playing the game over there.I wish there was such a team when I was in the AF back in the day.
September 3, 2008
8:11:39 AM

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Claremont Crush
Claremont, California
September 1, 2008
5:32:50 AM

Entry ID: 1450050
Thanks for visiting our site! Good luck in your season and "Hit'em where they ain't"
Tim Sawyer-Cal. Lumberjacks
August 29, 2008
12:57:58 AM

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Total Entries: 87