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September 30, 2014
12:50:50 PM

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Score Correction to be made: Flags from 9/27/14..PV 14 Fullerton 0
Coach Ted
October 8, 2013
1:15:56 PM

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With all the conversation about head injuries at all sports levels I would like to see the reemergence of someone with medical credentials at all the games. Not just EMT's someone that will check all kids who have an injury no matter how minor it may appear. We have great coaches at all levels at all organizations. I know that I do not have the knowledge to decide if a child should continue to play after a head to head collision. I know all coaches instruct their kids the proper way to tackle but head to head contact is going to happen. I have seen kids wobbling back to huddles. If we are here for the kids it cannot always be "play thru the pain". There must be some strict rules that take the decision out of the hands of the coaching staff. What is best for team may not be best for the children.
September 8, 2013
12:16:43 PM

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Mark, just an FYI I can tell you that we at Fullerton DO NOT teach or tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct. We also addressed the incidents that occurred on week 1 @ Bath. what I don't like is someone who bashes another organization without contacting the proper people. I've been around youth football for 20 yrs. I know what I'm doing and are coaches at Fullerton as well. I hope you are okay with this.
September 7, 2013
8:16:51 PM

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Mark did you talk to the league president about this situation or even the Vice President?
August 29, 2013
10:17:20 AM

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I just want to comment about the way Fullerton Football players behave. I don't understand why we have to put up with boys being seriously injured to the point where they are in the ambulance or out of playing for extended periods of time whenever they are in a game against Fullerton. I am curious if Fullerton coaches teach their players to play DIRTY or if the boys do it all on their own. To me and MANY other parents it seems obvious that Fullerton players are told to take out their opponents (especially the ones that are making all the plays)! I video taped our last game against Fullerton, and it DISGUSTS me to watch it. People are just sick and tired of dealing with this. It is getting to the point where parents don't even want their kids playing Fullerton anymore. Something should be done about this real soon!!!
francis tone
June 10, 2012
11:28:23 AM

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notice that PV B100 and 85 pound teams are open on sept 2-our team is also open that date - would PVB be interested in playing that weekend - format is up to you - we can travel or host Fran Tone Forks Township
Alex Karpowicz
October 28, 2011
11:48:18 AM

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Looks like the Marian/Lehighton game results are backwards. Lehighton won 27-0 and are playing PV, not Marian.
November 23, 2010
10:25:17 PM

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I think its very absurd that the kids who played in the championship games recieved nothing at all to bring home!
November 16, 2010
1:02:09 PM

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The 100 Championship game is Pleasant Valley VS Fullertown. You have it listed wrong, upset some of the kids.
November 8, 2010
3:30:09 PM

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I am very upset with the comments I have seen on the Bath Lions website. They are saying that we are the problem in this league. They are saying that we are intentionally trying to hurt their kids. We are not thugs. We are just kids who want to play football. Our coaches have been coaches here for over 10 years. And it's funny how we are very good this year, and because no team but Bath, has been even close to defeating us, and this is year we are getting crap from the other teams.
Fullerton Ramblers
September 9, 2009
11:49:38 AM

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Be a good teacher. We are not only teaching FOOTBALL. We are developing life skills for our kids. Good luck to all the kids. Coach Ted
Todd frank
August 12, 2009
10:58:37 PM

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Good Luck To All The Teams This Year !!!!! Have Fun and Player Hard !!!!!

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