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July 26, 2019
10:01:59 PM

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Hollywood Fan
Lake Zurich
June 24, 2013
11:00:07 AM

Entry ID: 2033911
Hey, Lets hear it for the graduating class of 2013, you guys make great baseball happen!!!!
Scott Stratton
Lake Zurich
August 8, 2006
1:39:22 PM

Entry ID: 904157
I just wanted all you guys to see how good I am at rapping. I am particularly good at rapping to eminem. ENJOY
May 16, 2006
11:00:05 AM

Entry ID: 842784
when is baranowski starting on the mound next?? him or p-rich, if u could get back to me hood on that id love it cuz baranowskis a fan fav
lake zurich
May 16, 2006
10:54:37 AM

Entry ID: 842781
johno is funny and cute, good luck out there guys
Austin Scott
Lake Zurich
April 3, 2006
2:25:51 PM

Entry ID: 809283
bears, seriously best o luck out there on the diamond. I know hood loves it out there and i am assured that all u "ballplayaz" do too. Make that banana turn guys, turn that DP, call off the outfielder for that flyball above second. U guys earned this one, bring it home for LZ
Gord Father
April 3, 2006
2:21:16 PM

Entry ID: 809278
Go go coach W. go coach Weigt. Go coach Ed Weigt
Jeff Ross
Lake Zurich
April 3, 2006
2:18:13 PM

Entry ID: 809276
baseball is great. great sport. great people play it. great work on the website. way to go JHood. great

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