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September 6, 2019
9:42:16 AM

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November 2, 2018
5:19:18 PM

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Just a great site to report on Maine High School Football. I coached for many years in Auburn, Maine and am so glad their is a site with so much high school information. Well Done!
Frank Johnson
Chattanooga, TN
November 16, 2017
7:31:53 AM

Entry ID: 2086319
Good Morning thanks for this site! First time on it. I am a former Maine High School basketball and XC coach.
Frank Johnson
Chattanooga, TN
November 16, 2017
7:29:44 AM

Entry ID: 2086318
Good Morning thanks for this site! First time on it. I am a former Maine High School basketball and XC coach.
alan hopkins
November 15, 2015
1:12:28 PM

Entry ID: 2069563
Hard to say how much I have appreciated all the hard work that has gone into this site. Wonderful way for out of state fans to keep in touch. LOVE IT !!
alan hopkins
November 15, 2015
1:08:58 PM

Entry ID: 2069562
Wondering if either Winslow or Old Town filmed their game as Munzing Media's streaming was interrupted several times and quite a large part of the game was missed and could copy of game be posted to archives.. Will you post star of week for semi finals? Sorry to see archive gone. Any chance you could get Winslow"s statistician to correct entries and bring up to date?
marie palmer
September 28, 2015
11:56:45 AM

Entry ID: 2068542
Why is Thornton Academy ranked 2nd behind Scarborough? They have scored more points, and less scored against that Scarborough. How do they figure this?
Mitchell SD
September 30, 2013
10:15:01 PM

Entry ID: 2042115
Just want to say thank you to those responsible for this site. As a former MDI Trojan,lining in South Dakota I have found it hard to find scores and schedules for high school football. I believe the site represent each school and class fairlyand is also user freinds. Once again thank you for all the hard work.
October 19, 2012
6:10:24 AM

Entry ID: 1994797
I Just want to say a big Thank you.
Kirk Wolfinger
July 23, 2009
4:00:31 PM

Entry ID: 1665411
Great site!!! I made The Rivals film. We are creating a website for the film to let folks know where it will be playing and how it does on the festival circuit, etc. We'd love to share a link with you. We could also give you a teaser from the film to display so people can get a real feel for Maine football . Again ,a very nice site and obviously a lot of work gone into it. Kirk

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