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Victor Santiago
August 1, 2017
9:33:06 PM

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Hello I have played in the Middletown league before I pitch and play the infield I don't want to be in charge of a team I just want to play in one of your interested give me a text or call I'll be happy to join your practice and let you decide if I'm worth playing on your team.
June 16, 2017
2:59:43 PM

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Brandon Festa
May 2, 2016
2:37:55 PM

Entry ID: 2073539
Hey guys, my names Brandon I'm 23 years old and I moved to Middletown this past July. I work a Monday-Friday 9-5 job so I should be available just about any day of the week to play. I'm 6ft 200 lbs, and athletic. Played baseball my whole life and various Adult softball leagues. My cell number is (440) 785- 1513 feel free to text or call if you need a guy! Thank you.
Anthony B
From Torrington
August 7, 2015
1:36:52 AM

Entry ID: 2067023
Hi I live in Torrington but looking for a fall league to play in im 25 and just finished my summer league been playing since I was 16 and just love to play Shoot me a text 8602946656
Noah Y.
June 10, 2015
11:25:58 AM

Entry ID: 2064871
Hello, I'm interested in playing for any team looking for a new player for the 2015 Fall Season starting in late August. I'm currently playing in a slow-pitch league for my company, which ends about where the Fall Season starts. Looks like a lot of fun! Contact me at:
Butch D'Amato
May 12, 2015
11:49:34 PM

Entry ID: 2063833
Picked up by APS TECH
Butch D'Amato
May 7, 2015
10:16:32 PM

Entry ID: 2063653
Available to play on ANY team for the season starting May 2015
August 8, 2014
7:59:47 AM

Entry ID: 2056820
Hi, I am new in town. I would like to know if any team need additional player. I am willing to join this league. Look forward to playing with you. Dennis
New York
June 18, 2013
4:47:14 PM

Entry ID: 2033473
Looking for a tournament to enter on the east coast after July 4th weekend 2013.....we are located in NY but will travel anywhere......we are a modified team.......we are looking for a weekend tournament with a cash prize payout........Please contact me if this is possible....... thank you ERIC

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Total Entries: 9