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Zac Levine
February 22, 2016
7:34:54 PM

Entry ID: 2071293
Hey Kyle hit me up with an email. I want to get involved with MLW. Shoot me an email plz
Caden Noel
September 6, 2015
9:58:49 AM

Entry ID: 2068130
loving League Kyle Great Job bro can't wait till World Series Game 4 2015
Loveland, CO
July 17, 2015
12:55:34 PM

Entry ID: 2066269
Or you can check on Google. Type in CLMLB and there is an old website that we started but it didn't quite work.
Loveland, CO
July 9, 2015
5:59:48 PM

Entry ID: 2065990
Hey guys, Great league!! GO Astros!!!! Check out our website. We are lamost done with our season.
June 14, 2015
6:17:06 PM

Entry ID: 2065087
Do you have an instagram account if you don't you should get one
Harrison ny
May 27, 2015
9:37:51 PM

Entry ID: 2064306
hey guys check out my league bwb wiffleball
Lucas Wiggins
March 29, 2014
9:20:26 PM

Entry ID: 2050416
Are there going to be any nighthawk players returning this year
Elk Park
February 25, 2014
3:43:44 PM

Entry ID: 2048638
hello is opening day in june or july
Elk Park
January 8, 2014
8:24:19 AM

Entry ID: 2047364
thanks i will do it in the summer
Kyle Schultz
January 7, 2014
9:56:19 PM

Entry ID: 2047360
Yeah you should do it in the summer, it works great for us
January 7, 2014
7:35:25 PM

Entry ID: 2047358
hello i have a question i have a wiffle ball leage this is going to be our third year but i dont know when opeing day should be i tried in march i have basketball in april i have baseball through may and june do you think i should have it in the summer
September 7, 2013
7:06:29 PM

Entry ID: 2040758
hehy how come rachel havent been playing latley
Menomenee Falls
August 27, 2013
8:10:49 AM

Entry ID: 2039796
We could do it sept. 6,7,and 8. If you want I will pay for each team $20.I really want to play you guys just to see how good you are.please email back ASAP thanks Micah. My email is and
August 26, 2013
6:50:32 PM

Entry ID: 2039748
Hi guys I'm a hige fan of the MLW and i was wondering if you guys would like to setup a tournament up in Michigan. We would have 12 teams from our league come up there. I would love to play you guys in wiffle ball.Our first place team overall career is 78-12.I myself is on that team I know the wildcats are really good and will win the world series again so I would like to play the Wildcats in pool play in having I would like you to give me a date if you are having this tournament.My email is again our phone is 262-649-3077 I would love if you would have this tournament. We will pay if having to. thanks Micah!!
Kyle Schultz
August 11, 2013
10:19:41 PM

Entry ID: 2038274
Don't worry I still check the guest book. It's just hard to reply to all of them because I'm busy with all the YouTube comments and stuff
August 11, 2013
3:49:03 PM

Entry ID: 2038216
hey guys please reply i m starting to get worrried because you havent repyed from august 1 so is something wrong understand if there is but please reply please please
Dylan Zug
Saint Joseph
August 3, 2013
2:26:23 AM

Entry ID: 2037469
How come rachel hasn't been playing.I looked at the stats and she has no defensive stats and no at bats
August 1, 2013
12:57:02 PM

Entry ID: 2037314
hi what happend to the old strike zone you used in 2010
July 31, 2013
7:21:03 PM

Entry ID: 2037220
con grats kyle on 100 home run i only have only 34 carrer hr from th ps my leg has a game sat
Lucas Wiggins
July 25, 2013
7:37:54 AM

Entry ID: 2036561
Can you send me pictures of the players signed by the players.If you can do it off of youtube my account name is MLWB Wiffleball or send it my address which is on the Mlwb wiffleball website which is then press on the Severn,MD website then go to the contacts and you will see the address.
Lucas Wiggins
July 25, 2013
7:26:28 AM

Entry ID: 2036560
Please reply on my youtube comments
Kyle Schultz
July 14, 2013
10:51:47 PM

Entry ID: 2035475
I don't think it will work out because I don't think we will have time. We have to get all the games, home run derby and all star game in.
Jake Butterfield
Horton, MI
July 14, 2013
5:52:25 PM

Entry ID: 2035424
I have been a fan of your wiffle league for quite awhile, I have built my own field in my backyard just like you guys. I play with my friend regularly and we have always talked about our best players playing your best players. We are your age and since you guys live in Michigan, just an hour from us, we thought it would be possible to play an all-star series against you and your all- star team at your field. We could do it anytime this summer just respond to this comment in your guestbook. But it is ok if your parents dont want us to play, or if you guys are afraid of getting beat too bad(: Sincerely, Jake B.
June 28, 2013
8:22:04 PM

Entry ID: 2034396
hey kyle are you uploading opening day and which day please reply your number 1 fan tanner
June 25, 2013
7:11:24 PM

Entry ID: 2034100
thank you so much kyle im glad you let me thanks

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Total Entries: 128