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Joan Naugle
September 1, 2012
8:58:36 PM

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MV DIV II WHITE = Good luck to all of you during your 2012 season. See you in Monticello...GO WARRIORS!!
Joan Naugle
November 15, 2011
6:54:11 AM

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Congratulations to all the coaches, staff, and most of all the Division I Black players. You had an amazing season and be proud of your accomplishments. It was terrific to watch all you play with such determination and grow to be the team you are. Looking forward to next season, Sincerely, Joan Naugle
Dave Fenner
October 29, 2010
7:15:37 AM

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Congratulations to D1 Black on a great regular season and Good luck in the playoffs.. Coach Fenner
Stephen Crance
September 12, 2010
8:26:37 PM

Entry ID: 1826007
Way to go D1 Black 2 in a row. Coaches are doing a great job, but you kids are making it happen. Let's keep it going we are extremely proud of all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Deserto
August 25, 2010
9:10:10 AM

Entry ID: 1819324
Just a reminder to all of the coaches. You are all welcome at any of our practices to watch and observe. You can come right onto the field with the position coach and watch drills / techniques etc. We have 1 double session left on Thursday, then single practices for the rest of the season. Please take advantage of this and stop by. You are all an important part of our program. What you teach the kids now stays with them. Thanks, Joe Deserto - Offensive / Defensive Line Coach Minisink Valley Varsity Football
Glenn Grady
New Hampton
March 12, 2010
12:49:20 PM

Entry ID: 1767932
Thanks to the Mighty Mights for teaching and encouraging my son to play football over the last 2 years. He's moving up to Division 1 and I can't wait.
David Landin
November 18, 2008
8:49:48 AM

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I wanted to say what an excellent job all of you have done in Division 2 To the coaches Great Job and Juan Mom and I are very proud of you AND NOW LETS WIN THAT SUPERBOWL
November 16, 2008
10:53:59 PM

Entry ID: 1508672
Cathi and Frank Watch
October 9, 2008
10:06:09 PM

Entry ID: 1477570
What an awesome team Div. 4 is! This is our son's first year in football and we have to give much credit to the coaching staff, you are all so wonderful. Bring on Cornwall! Good luck guys!
Bill Grace
September 11, 2008
8:43:01 PM

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Just wanted to say great job to the coaches of Division 1 green. You guys are doing an amazing job with the kids.
Maria Vitro
Mount Hope
September 2, 2008
2:42:09 PM

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Good job Anthony.. keep up the hard work. Love Mom

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Total Entries: 11