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June 19, 2020
10:24:01 PM

Entry ID: 2134321
Baseball Ontario is allowing practice and training to resume however, games and even scrimmages are not permitted. YSBA just voted to cancel the baseball season for all local member associations. This includes all YSBA sanctioned games, provincial qualifiers/affiliated playoffs, including YSBA teams playing in outside loops (junior and senior). I believe the NDBL is affiliated to the YSBA as an 'outside loop'.
June 19, 2020
3:40:49 PM

Entry ID: 2134319
With so many rules like physically distancing, hand sanitation every 30 minutes / half innings, and the fact that games still cannot be played at this point, it seems the choice was made on a meaningful season. Add in park access and the 45 minute requirement, there's a lot of rules. That does not mean there can't be some form of games later but a realistic season was out of the question. Remember no chewing gum, sunflower seeds, or spitting and the ump is behind the pitcher!
June 17, 2020
8:53:01 PM

Entry ID: 2133312
It’s unfortunate it had to happen but really with restrictions of 10 people pretty tough to have a game unless it’s 5 on 5 not to mention towns still have to ok you to play . See ya in 2021 in which executive jobs are always up for grabs.
June 17, 2020
8:51:35 PM

Entry ID: 2133311
It’s unfortunate it had to happen but really with restrictions of 10 people pretty tough to have a game unless it’s 5 on 5 not to mention towns still have to ok you to play . See ya in 2021 in which executive jobs are always up for grabs.
June 17, 2020
3:41:08 PM

Entry ID: 2133303
I agree a shorten season with a tournament style playoffs was possible and would of made things exciting. Just wish the league got other players/teams opinion before making their decision.
June 16, 2020
9:58:24 AM

Entry ID: 2133267
Not worth it. The risks outweigh the rewards. The NDBL made the right decision. See you in 2021.
June 12, 2020
5:17:06 PM

Entry ID: 2132203
Baseball Ontario is allowing all baseball activities to resume in towns that have been told they can resume recreational sports on June 16th. I think it’s premature to determine that we can’t have a 12-15 game season between late June and early August
May 5, 2020
11:54:11 AM

Entry ID: 2118734
Just reading the comments below and I doubt and restrictions will be lifted on community parks or areas like such till the Fall I can't see any baseball happening this year at all. If there is a season these are my preseason rankings. 1) New Lowell 2) Brewers 3) Leafs 4) Clearview 5) Rangers 6) Creemore 7) Midland 8) Barrie 9) Dodgers 10) Lisle 11) Clarksburg 12) Mansfield If Orangeville is back in I would slide them in at 5 and bump everyone down and if Alliston is in I would slide them in last behind Mansfield. Hopefully there is a season but highly unlikely.
April 25, 2020
9:08:47 AM

Entry ID: 2118697
Pends when we come back of course which will decide our schedule. Practice wont be an issue most guys dont ramp up practice before. I'd say take it as buisness as usuall. Try and work out a fair even schedule. If playoffs start a little later into August not the end of the world. Just have to speed the playoffs up. Play during the week. Play double headers etc. Play at night. Very manageable.
April 22, 2020
5:38:35 PM

Entry ID: 2116685
Unfortunately I cant see there being much of a season this year, if any at all. The restrictions on recreational sports and activities will be one of the last to be lifted. The big issue the NDBL has, is the lack of ball parks with lights, and, the further the season gets pushed back, the lack of daylight becomes a major issue. Not to mention, with nobody being allowed to practice really at all, you also risk more injuries occurring. I think the best option might in fact be something along the lines of having every team only play each other once, and dont have the games count in the standings at all, just run them as strictly exhibition games and then have an OBA double knockout style tournament run on a weekend in August for the Strother Cup. Have those exhibition games be tune ups for the tournament. Then, for the tournament, put all the teams in a hat and draw the tournament brackets and match ups randomly. Therefore, all the teams will be in the tournament and ensure that all the teams will get the most out of a shortened season. Run the Friday night games of the tournament played at the parks with lights (Barrie, Midland, Bolton, etc.), and then the Saturday and Sunday games played in New Lowell, Creemore, Lisle, Ivy (all parks within 25 minutes of each other). I know it's not ideal, but these are uncharted waters for our generation, and really is the only fair way to do it, if it comes down to a shortened season. Hopefully this will be the only season that something like this will happen, and next year we are back to a normal NDBL season and normal way of life.
April 22, 2020
2:05:54 PM

Entry ID: 2116684
I agree, hopefully some kind of tournament format can happen. I think I speak for everyone when I say it'll suck not going to the ball field this summer. My preseason rankings are similar to the previous comments, but they are 1. New Lowell 2. Brewers 3. Leafs 4. Clearview 5. Rangers 6. Creemore 7. Midland 8. Dodgers 9. Lisle 10. Barrie 11. Clarksburg 12. Mansfield
April 19, 2020
2:16:43 PM

Entry ID: 2115672
Hopefully some kind of season or tournament style can happen, but here are my NDBL Preseason Rankings! 1) NewLowell 2) Brewers 3) Leafs 4) Rangers 5) Clearview 6) Midland 7) Creemore 8) Lisle 9) Dodgers 10) Barrie 11) Mansfield 12) Clarksburg
December 7, 2019
5:17:45 PM

Entry ID: 2101015
Hello gentleman. Putting this out there if any teams are doing workouts and will allow me to attend and give a Zinger bat demo. Great rates for our league. Also, if any teams need unis, hats, bags or whatever, I can help with that and keep your costs down Get in touch via email, my website or my cell 647-244-0190 Thank you Tom. (Reggie)
August 28, 2019
10:45:37 AM

Entry ID: 2095548
I love the rivalry. Not as good as Leafs Knights but might be the 2nd best.
August 27, 2019
3:58:39 PM

Entry ID: 2095527
Even though the Brewers finished 1st, I gotta give New Lowell the slight edge, New Lowell in 6!
August 25, 2019
4:06:00 PM

Entry ID: 2095469
Cv forfeit sucks for the guys who are dedicated . And for Esson’s who has did so much work to keep them going. Having there best year coming to a close end like this is sad to see.
August 24, 2019
9:24:34 AM

Entry ID: 2095460
Brewers Pitcher was good last night, Bolton looked to get some hitting back All tied up, Big one tommorow in Bolton
August 23, 2019
10:05:14 AM

Entry ID: 2095455
Clearview has been the better team in the first 2 games.. I wouldn't count Bolton out but they do not look like the Brewers from those yrs.
August 23, 2019
8:53:12 AM

Entry ID: 2095453
There is no chance Clearview wins this series. Bolton is a Giant, a Dynasty, 5 year Champs in a row. Cannot expect Clearview to go in Bolton twice and win. They will melt like butter under the pressure of winning.
August 23, 2019
5:45:41 AM

Entry ID: 2095452
It appears that Clearview finally has what it takes to beat the Brewers in a series. They just look like the better team period.
August 22, 2019
12:26:32 PM

Entry ID: 2095447
Clearview had one of their best years ever this season. Their hitting and defense have been solid all year, pitching may be their only slight weakness but they’ve got what it takes to fight with the big dogs. It’s good to see a 4th team put themselves among the titans of the league. Big games for both teams tonight and tomorrow
August 22, 2019
9:23:03 AM

Entry ID: 2095444
I haven't seen a game yet, but I hear Clearview is giving the Brewers all they can handle, things are getting interesting in both series.
August 16, 2019
3:02:41 PM

Entry ID: 2095335
Pretty sure Clearview won based on experience. Silenced the critics again... shhhhhhhhh
August 16, 2019
2:45:52 PM

Entry ID: 2095334
Should be an exciting second round. Brewers bats seem too hot to handle right now. Ivy pitching looks great but New Lowell always plays them well. Brewers in 3, New Lowell in 5.
August 14, 2019
2:24:31 PM

Entry ID: 2095299
Who knows could go 7 8 or 9 games. We once had to play to play the game in the morning and then head up to play New Lowell in after the noon to start round 2. A series happens like this once in a blue moon but it does happen. Bolton and Aurora I think were the last one 8 or 9 games. Bolton had to play finals right after as well. Should be a good game or games. Good luck to both.

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