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kaipo's favorite sister
July 16, 2009
11:16:34 PM

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hey blue team ! great job against oxford . I heard all about it =) keep it up going into vegas ! you guys are the best and dont forget to shave your head =)
Noc Board
September 30, 2008
10:56:05 PM

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Great performance by Gold this weekend in beating OC Pride's Top team Twice. Our program is now at the level we want to be and must work harder to stay there. Hats off to Coach Couso & Villeza for their jobs this weekend. Having to change rosters at the last second and then coaching the team to the Championship. Keep up the good work gentlemen and NOC will continue to rise. Bill, Garr and Linda. NOC Basketball Board of Directors.
Mom Warren
July 29, 2008
3:49:11 PM

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Mom Warren
July 29, 2008
7:53:45 AM

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Hey Gold...Just wanna say you all did a fantastic job at yesterday's tourney. Matt....keep hittin' those 3's, Andre...stay smoooooth with those dunks and Ricky...beautiful block!!!You all make watching basketball-EXCITING!!!!Stay on point gentlemen!!!!!!!
July 3, 2008
10:57:49 PM

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Good job all noc teams. And go luck in all our games and i guess thats all i have to say.
Coach Couso
Winning Place, USA
May 18, 2008
9:01:20 PM

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Congrats to all of NOC for this weekends showing. Gold won the tourney and proved that with all of our players there we can't be touched. Silver played short handed but I heard good things about Chris, Steven, Johnny, Markeise and Nick. Red finished 2-1 and again beat the the wizzards with a younger non varsity team. Ryan, Daniel, Wesley, Amir, Jack and Evan played well. Grey finished 2-1 and congrats to the whole team. What a turn around. Thanks Coach Darrin and all of the players. See you Wed. night for tryouts.
Coach Couso
April 28, 2008
10:25:04 PM

Entry ID: 1377693
Congrats to Silver and Gold for their performances this weekend in Las Vegas. Both teams won their pools and placed in the highest Div. Gold finally came together has a team a beat 2 highly ranked teams, SD All-Stars and Ariz. Rebels. The loss to a very talented Inland Empire team was tough to swallow but we came away knowing we can play with anyone when we play like a team. Silver played great beating nv Powerhouse and then killing West Coast Academy by 40. It was the biggest winning margine in the tourney. Oregon elite beat us with great shooting and we are proud of the effort by silver. Lets build on this and continue to raise our level of play.
Coach Couso
Win Town USA
March 31, 2008
6:00:05 AM

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Congrats to Silver & Gold for their play this weekend in Santa Barbara. Silver saved the best for last beating the number 1 team from pool B in overtime by 4 and then playing the best game of the tourney and blowing out Ventura United by 31 in the final. Great team effort and the match zone confused the Ventura team the whole game. First place made the drive home sweeter. Gold played well enough to make the finals but needed one more good half of basketball and couldn't find it. Talented team but at times play lazy and selfish. We have our work to do before Ventura and Las Vegas. Overall, strong showing by NOC, 2 first places and 2 seconds. Great job!!
Coach Rich
November 9, 2007
7:17:35 AM

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Along with Coach Couso, I would just like to say good job to all of our players during this short fall season and would I look forward to seeing and coaching all of you in the spring. Good luck to all of you this winter with your respective high schools. Lastly, thank you Coach Couso for the opprotunity you have given me and my family.
Coach C
November 4, 2007
7:42:37 PM

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AWESOME job to all Noc stars that played this weekend. Our program, both men & ladies, showed why our program is one of the top in the State. Gold won the Swoosh tourney and played agreat game against LA Rage. That win might just define our season. Play well, get lead, lose lead, win game. Matt Cain has brass balls. Big shot at the buzzer. Whole team played well. 9-1 and 3 championships. NOT BAD!!! Silver played well and we will expect alot in Feb. Red is a work in progress but after meeting with coaches, the future is bright for that team. We will get a point guard and some bigs in Feb. Noc is a great program due to the coaches (Rich, Norm and Silky) players and parents. Thanks for all of your support. Best of luck to all at your respective schools. See you on the 11th. A very tired Coach C
Coach Couso
Winner Town, Calif.
October 29, 2007
10:18:34 AM

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The Gold and Silver Teams put together a good weekend of Basketball. Silver played well against the Flight and then lost to BPA in a hard fought battle. Teams overall slowness was exposed but the team played hard. Joseph Vitug was the top player in every game. The third game was against a All-Star that had 2 college players. The boys played them tough thoughout the whole game losing by 10. Again Joseph Vitug played great has did Ray, Donovan and Daniel Ashdown.Overall, a very good showing against good competition. Team took 2nd. Gold played the way I believe they should everytime out. In game 1 against BPA, it was close until the final 8 minutes. At that time our defense and offense clicked and we ran by the team. Top players were Robbie, Johnny, David and Steven. Team defense was awesome. Game 2 was a battle again and game was dedicated to Johnny. Team play was great and every player deserved a team ball. Matt hit big shots, Markesse boarded, David & Steve, the twin towers were everywhere, Austin shot well, Robbie contolled the game, Brandon played well on D. The final was a let down, but only because the Flight will and should never beat us. We stomped them and the team played at our level, not down to theirs. Overall, happy with 1st place But more happy with how we won. AS A TEAM. PASSING WAS AWESOME!! See you tonight at Practice. Coach C
ricka :D
October 28, 2007
6:41:08 PM

Entry ID: 1242156
Coach Couso
Buena park
August 4, 2007
9:52:00 PM

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Hello Noc Family. I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for my family. With your help. we will make it through and spend many wonderful hours, playing, coaching, talking and laughing about this great game of basketball. Thanks to the coach Ike, Marcus, Walter and Rich for all of their help. We could never have had such a rewarding season without all of them. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the party and there, face to face, I will be able to thank you all properly. NOC's future is bright with Nike coming onboard and out talent level raising. Last, thanks to all of the parents who went to Las Vegas and sat in those gyms all of those hours to support our program. It was aewsome to hear the cheering in a gym, 5 hours away from home. See you at the party, and remember, Duck-Dive-Dodge and Duck. God Bless Coach Couso
Norman Williams
July 29, 2007
8:48:04 PM

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We would like to thank NOC and coaching staff for allowing my son, Mychal Williams, the opportunity to participate in your program. It was a wonderful experience. Your program has a very bright future. Good luck!!!! Norman & Mychal Williams
Charlie Mercado (Gamepoint Basketball)
Vista, Ca
March 13, 2007
9:54:41 AM

Entry ID: 1072160
Coach Couso, Thanks again for the opportunity to play at Staples. I think you do a wonderful job with your program and you provide a great example for young coaches like myself with club programs to follow. If you ever need another team to play at Staples let me know..we would love to do it again. Good Luck this Spring and Summer!
Alonso Umanzor
Garden Grove, Ca
September 4, 2006
6:56:59 PM

Entry ID: 925912
Hello! Coach Couso, Congratulations on your new website!! It Looks great!! We're enjoying Footbal for now, My Boy mark is playing for Jr, Midget in Garden Grove. We had a great start of the season by winning our first game against the Stanton Raiders!! Congratulations to your Coaches and assistants for a winning and exciting season season. Sincerely, Alonso Umanzor 714-356-6654

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