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June 17, 2011
8:49:19 PM

Entry ID: 1893607
Yeah that's true!
baseball player
May 5, 2009
4:55:48 PM

Entry ID: 1618811
Where are all the stats?
October 8, 2008
6:26:20 PM

Entry ID: 1476529
Great site webmaster!!!!!!!!!!!
Terry Gibney
June 29, 2007
12:26:23 PM

Entry ID: 1153175
Congrats Mets, I and the TWINS could not be happier for you. Great Season!
Tony Adams
June 7, 2007
11:26:52 AM

Entry ID: 1138441
You guys have a great web site. Very informative and easy to look from league to league. I check it out every day !! The photos are wonderful and I hope that parents and players get a chance to view these great action shots from your talented sports photographer.
Steven O'Neill
June 30, 2006
4:19:46 PM

Entry ID: 876459
Those trophies are heavier then I thought...
Adam Coe (Mets Coach)
June 30, 2006
9:20:11 AM

Entry ID: 876096
Thank you to everyone for a great season. The website was awesome. So thank you Paul, John, Jeff and Jim. Congrats to all of the players and coaches on a great year. I really enjoyed the season. The Orioles played a great game last night. Near flawless, a well deserved World Series Championship.
Jamie A. Saules
West Bloomfield, MI
June 25, 2006
1:42:24 AM

Entry ID: 871370
John, Your photographs are extraordinary! Thank you for capturing Stuart's beautiful smile and his intensity of his love for baseball. God blessed Stuart to excell in every sport he participates in. Though he's right handed, he plays all his sports left handed. Stuart's talents are unique, just like you are with your photographs I truly appreciate all the hard work you and all the others put into designing this website to share your God-given talents with others. Thank you! (Stuart's mom)
Georgene Mulkey (Gramimi)
Ovilla, Texas
June 11, 2006
9:17:42 AM

Entry ID: 861476
What a wonderful website. This gives a Grandmother so far away in Texas, that wants so bad to see her grandson play ball, a chance to see some pictures at least. Keep up the good work. WAY TO GO JASON!!!! KEEP HITTING THAT BALL!!! LOVE YA MORE!!
June 9, 2006
8:07:47 AM

Entry ID: 860274
Very nice website, and you do a great job of updating it daily. Great job Paul, Thank you very much.
May 22, 2006
10:35:22 PM

Entry ID: 848176
You did it again this year! What a great job on the website!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! DK
Benny Marsalese- Catcher D'Backs
Northville, Michigan
May 5, 2006
4:31:42 PM

Entry ID: 834107
Where are all the statistic?!?!?!
Jim Armaly
May 2, 2006
4:38:50 PM

Entry ID: 831609
Hope this web-sight is being enjoyed by the kids and helpful to the parents. Thanks again to Paul slatin who helped make this sight possible. Play Ball!!
Kim Elanges
Northville, MI
May 2, 2006
4:09:53 PM

Entry ID: 831582
Great website, very professional yet still embodies the spirit of baseball. Good luck to all G-League players in your 2006 season and don't forget to have FUN! "Coach" Kim

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Total Entries: 14