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Louis Rivera Sr.
Peekskill, NY
May 2, 2008
7:24:19 PM

Entry ID: 1380009
I am very happy to see that the Knights have grown and mature to such greatness. As a former Manager of the OLS Knights it pleases me to see that the organization has maintained such strength and dedication to the youth of the community, throughout all these years. Congratulations to all of the parents and players, but most of all to all those organizers and coaches who give their time and dedication. Congrats........
Lady Stuff
October 23, 2007
12:49:19 PM

Entry ID: 1237936
You turkeys better get on the ball - hit hard and level. LET'S TAKE FALL BALL 2007 - get your game on. Stop BSssssss - this is the time - step up - let them recognize who the "KNIGHTS" are. Luv you guys and know you have a fan in me.
October 11, 2007
10:34:47 PM

Entry ID: 1228801
hello, this is coach Brian from texas tech university . I heard from my nephew(keith) about ur team because he plays on it and he wanted me to tell the coaches that he picks himself for a m.v.p canidate.and it seems that his stats are up to par wit the number o games he had played. and the number of at_bats.well that's it lets go knights and good luck to yall in the fallball season
August 20, 2007
12:07:50 PM

Entry ID: 1187689
The 16u did it again - another Championship! That makes 4 in a row and back-to-back in RBI. Ain't no stopping us now for fall ball! Let's get it!
August 13, 2007
11:06:57 AM

Entry ID: 1182139
We're in the Championship again and ready to win it all!
June 28, 2007
11:26:08 AM

Entry ID: 1152392
Step up your game Knights and we'll go far. Let's see who steps up cause we'll all be watching!
da one n only #23
June 1, 2007
9:08:20 PM

Entry ID: 1134653
didnt i say if the older team didnt cheat then da 16 n unda would win we iz nice as hell da 18z need 2 get thur game up lol
May 27, 2007
10:39:51 PM

Entry ID: 1131085
April 9, 2007
9:08:49 AM

Entry ID: 1093926
yo y did da 18 n under have 2 cheat 2 beat da 16z cuz we would have made ya cry lol
March 20, 2007
10:10:21 AM

Entry ID: 1077567
wats good i just wanna know sumthing marcelo.. how are we gonna get to our games when tony has his car and big popa ants car...cuz we all know the only thing u got is a metrocard lol and we all dont fit in miltons pick up truck lol...soooo how are we gonna get to the games are we gonna have to run lol
keith Dats who its is(nst)
Lowa east Side
March 16, 2007
10:50:30 PM

Entry ID: 1075243
yo wats it is its ur 1 n only 3rd basemen from the 16 n under knights, number 22 and the only 22 get at me we gunna take this yr, cuz we not takin anymess
kool kid
March 6, 2007
1:16:15 PM

Entry ID: 1066765
HEY wats poppin im just letin ya know that no one better take ma number 9 cuz we will be fighting lol na just playin....
this be that kool kid V
lowa deck
February 27, 2007
1:22:19 PM

Entry ID: 1061047
this year we gonna take it all once again. hopefuly i'll be there to help out, i'll be back sumtime in july iight!!!!! LETS GET IT
yes my name is keith get at me
February 12, 2007
9:29:55 PM

Entry ID: 1050113
yea u noe who it is, we havin a squad this yr 4 the 16u, we doin it big, we got new ppl this yr, n yes we r goin farther than last yr, its jus this new a@# cocky a@$ new ppl that walk up on the team thinkin there the s*%T, BUT DONT WORRY THEYLL find out once there wit marcello u dig, theyll get it KNIGHTS ALL THE WAY OUR ORGANIZATION CUD GET BIGGER THEN 12U,16U, N 18U

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Total Entries: 14