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February 8, 2011
1:03:35 PM

Entry ID: 1865031
Man this season is going to be great! LOLOLOL! LMAO!!! Summer is almost here! Grass will be green, birds will be flying high and so am I. Justin Bieber ain't got nothing on me. WOOHOO!
Brett "Speedy" Cox
April 4, 2010
2:45:07 PM

Entry ID: 1776840
Sorry to see Bockhaus hang 'em up. A good egg, for sure. Good luck this year in the South!
Tim Phillips
Appleton, WI
October 18, 2009
4:42:54 PM

Entry ID: 1716106
Are you guys going to put down your playoff game results?
Cash Reynolds
Eugene, Oregon
July 20, 2009
2:53:06 PM

Entry ID: 1663554
Your site is awesome! Check out our team pages: and and on facebook- Eugene Redsox Baseball! Twitter: @eugeneredsox
Steve Danielson
May 17, 2009
12:41:28 PM

Entry ID: 1626233
The only reason I went to this site was for the coupons, but no coupons. I hope you have some at the next game we come to.
rob dough
wisconsin resource center
May 6, 2009
8:43:57 PM

Entry ID: 1619783
Fellas, After being rudely asked to leave a local gentleman's club because of some up tight performer i thought i could stop by the game on sunday. Unfortunately as a condition of my parole i am banned from any place that serves vodka by the glass and my PO got all weird and put me on a 48 hour hold. I have a feeling i will be making an appearance soon.
Josh McAbee
New Richmond, WI
May 4, 2009
3:02:00 PM

Entry ID: 1617781
Marty made me check it out
Green Bay
April 20, 2009
12:19:34 PM

Entry ID: 1609034
Hey Mark and Rob! Thanks so much for the Link for tilted kilt and the Fan of the day. The websites awesome (TOOTALY LEGIT) hehe So anyways I was thinking I could try and get some of our Tilted Kilt girls to take a road trip and come watch a game and check out this team of yours. by the looks of this website it looks awesome. I'll be sure to get you two guys some t-shirts if we can come watch your game so you can represent for the Kilt ladies :)Thanks again guys your awesome
Brauers Baseball
February 10, 2009
9:27:29 PM

Entry ID: 1561033
Thank you for the fan of the week. We can say no more.
August 25, 2008
5:20:19 PM

Entry ID: 1446350
Dear Boys of Summer, Thanks for the high-quality Sunday afternoon entertainment! We're not even true baseball fans, but must say, it's beginning to grow on us. Mark made us come to the games this year, but we'll be back next year. Congratulations on a great season! Dick and Sue
Rickey H
August 18, 2008
2:26:08 PM

Entry ID: 1441430
Brad...Greatest slide ever!
Brian Suprise
New London
June 16, 2008
6:54:51 PM

Entry ID: 1404639
Cool Site.........good luck the rest of the season
Ned Yost
May 13, 2008
3:44:07 PM

Entry ID: 1385664
Nice job on the win!!!!
Kevin Konkol
Maribel (Power City)
March 20, 2008
3:39:24 PM

Entry ID: 1351834
Great site! Did I see a new center-fielder on your team??? That spells trouble for the rest of us. Good luck this year, hope everything goes well.
Morris Buttermaker
Southern California
February 1, 2008
9:32:12 AM

Entry ID: 1317535
There is one thing I forgot to tell you guys. It's a league rule: cups and supporters. Gotta be worn at all times. Either you were 'em or you don't wear 'em and you don't play.
MJ Fleming
Rhinelander, WI
December 27, 2007
10:28:56 PM

Entry ID: 1294415
Have a great season in 2008. Glad to see my brother's nickname held from his little league days.
Dennis Wilson
Kimberly, WI
December 23, 2007
3:25:25 PM

Entry ID: 1292262
Nice site, fellas. See you on the field this spring!!!!
Carol Weyenberg
December 14, 2007
8:17:50 AM

Entry ID: 1286168
Really a fun website - Cecil Cooper?????? Have a great season in 2008
Chris Patt
De Pere, WI
December 1, 2007
7:08:07 AM

Entry ID: 1274014
Hey Guys, great job on the website. Very well done. Looking forward to facing you on the field next spring.
Cecil Cooper
Phoenix, AZ
November 20, 2007
4:47:54 PM

Entry ID: 1263510
The site looks great guys. I hope you are able to make the playoffs!

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