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Ms. J
Owings Mills
November 21, 2011
1:31:56 PM

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I look forward to a another good season at owings Mills. I want to say the Coach Tommy Ervin is one of the best coaches you have in the program. The way he takes time to make sure the kids understand the game means so much to me and my son. Win or lose for encouraged the boys to hard hard. If there are more coaches like him then we will be back this season.
Rhonda truitt
November 19, 2011
3:19:46 PM

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Nice site
The Watkins
January 3, 2011
10:10:34 AM

Entry ID: 1855690
I can tell OM rec. ball is off the hook! This is my 14-yr. old daughter's first year back after two knee surgeries. She previously played with Woodlawn. We're looking forward to rec. ball getting her back in shape!
January 12, 2010
4:49:32 PM

Entry ID: 1749689
trey look sooo cute!! he look 6yrs old lol!!!
Lauren Burns
Owings Mills
October 28, 2009
7:13:56 AM

Entry ID: 1721425
My son would love to play basketball for Owings Mills. We are new to the area. We don't know any of the coaches. He played for Severn in Anne Arundel county previously. Looking forward to meeting a team.
Tre williams
August 2, 2009
6:06:09 PM

Entry ID: 1670123
redhawks killed this year and we were beasts good coaching coach jordan REDHAWKS 4 LIFE$$$$$$$$
Lisa Laws
Owings Mills
January 27, 2008
8:35:10 PM

Entry ID: 1314372
This is my so's first year playing basketball. He loves it and his Coach takes time with each of the boys. Coach Tommy Ervin and Asst. Coach Jay are wonderful!!!!
Shelly savage
Owings Mills
December 14, 2007
6:34:41 PM

Entry ID: 1286577
This is the first year my daughter is playing 7-10 basketball. She is very excited! We are looking forward to a exciting season and plan to continue seasons to come.
Teion Hopkins
Owings Mills
November 15, 2006
8:01:24 AM

Entry ID: 993742
Looking forward to a fun season
Rosetta Hopkins
Owings Mills
November 2, 2006
8:18:30 AM

Entry ID: 980597
Looking for a fun season.
Baltimore City
March 9, 2006
1:13:47 PM

Entry ID: 789196
I really enjoyed looking at your site, but I enjoyed last year with the pictures. Were are the pictures? I think it would make the site even more interesting to see the pictures of the players and would make the kids more enthusied about playing the game seeing their faces on the computer.
February 20, 2006
8:40:39 PM

Entry ID: 776224
Yea dis ya gurl Desiree' i jus wanted 2 say wassup. im lookin forward 2 playin wit da tigers again. we got a lot of new faces n lost a lot of playas but its all gravy!!! Holla at ya gurl n 4 those who dont know....ask about me!!!! I Holla!!! one
Bruce Jones
Owings Mills
January 30, 2006
3:50:37 PM

Entry ID: 762293
I came to a recreation basketball game expecting to see a very low to avg level of play. To my surpise I saw one of the best games ever in a long time. This one kid wearing #1 for the gold team was the quickest and most skilled ball handlers I have ever seen at such a young age. The opposeing team played a man to man defence and had know one on the team that could check this kid. They ended up losing by 12 points. The gold team looks like a really good well coached team.

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Total Entries: 13