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September 9, 2019
11:08:24 AM

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Staying in Hobe Sound ( Jan. 24- Mar 28. 2020 ) looking to play softball while in area. I presently play in CT. with Talaga Const. in ssusa tournaments as well as two senior leagues in CT. please advise what I would need to do Thanks
April 28, 2019
5:05:33 PM

Entry ID: 2092458
Move into the area, looking to play.
Michael Pipitone
December 15, 2016
9:02:47 PM

Entry ID: 2079939
Looking forward to playing now that I'm in the area
Eusebio Camacho Jr
New York, NY
August 6, 2015
12:43:37 PM

Entry ID: 2067004
Ready for retirement in February, 2016 and going out to play some softball with you guy's.. Hope to see you soon?
Bob Marcella
Watertown, Ct
March 3, 2015
7:49:00 PM

Entry ID: 2061649
Thinking of the fun times playing in the PSLSSL with each shovel full of snow I throw. Hope to be back playing there soon!
Bill Marlow
Las Cruces, NM
January 26, 2015
1:12:11 PM

Entry ID: 2060926
Hi former team-mates, I'm keeping an eye on you all the way from NM. Already made contact with a senior league out here. they played a tournament this past week-end (Jan 24/25). I didn't play, we're house hunting and my equipment is in storage. We're loving the price of gasoline, $1.56 a gallon. Take care, play safe, and keep in touch. Bill (Swamp-Rat to Desert-Rat) Marlow
Tom red kopytko
Cape Coral
May 14, 2014
11:36:23 PM

Entry ID: 2052610
Hey Guys, it's red kopytko and I am back living in Florida. (Cape Coral) Sure miss the good times playing ball with you. Red and Kathy Kopytko
Rich McCann
Port St Lucie
January 16, 2014
10:11:07 PM

Entry ID: 2047578
Our Senior League's 2014 Season began on January 13th, 2014.
Ivan Lanier
Palm City
October 5, 2013
12:30:14 AM

Entry ID: 2042275
Im 59yrs Moving down to Florida from Maryland in December 2013 and would love to play this season. Infielder primarily 3b.
December 29, 2012
12:21:05 PM

Entry ID: 2012602
I would like to be sub for over 50 league- I do work some nights but would love to be fill in
Norris kruse
Columbia, Missouri
July 26, 2012
10:15:31 PM

Entry ID: 1980826
I come to Port St. Lucie in March to watch some Spring Training games and would like to play a game or more with a team in your League or at least be able to watch a couple. If you could send via email any pertinent information I would welcome it. Thanks. Norris
Deer Park N.Y.
May 27, 2011
6:17:16 PM

Entry ID: 1889722
Hi,~~~I will be moving down to Port St Lucie in September and will be looking to joining a senior league there so any information you can send me would be very helpful. I'm still playing ball in suffolk county long island. Regards Jim
Mike Young
Fort Pierce
March 27, 2011
11:47:56 AM

Entry ID: 1875068
You were right Rich. I love playing in my first year. I already look forward to next year! Do you know what is happening this Monday (3/28/11 playoff game wise?
Rich McCann
Port St Lucie
December 29, 2010
11:21:14 PM

Entry ID: 1855067
After playing in this senior softball league for the past 16 years, I can say to Mike Young, you will enjoy playing senior softball here in Port St Lucie. Good luck playing in your first year.
Mike Young
Fort Pierce
December 25, 2010
9:30:00 PM

Entry ID: 1854318
I am one of the new guys playing this year and I am really looking forward to my first Florida League softball season. Happy New Year to everyone.
chris tsaldaris
pt st lucie
July 21, 2010
12:13:16 PM

Entry ID: 1808802
Recently relocated from Tampa Florida area and am looking to play softball. I am 49 years old wand was playing in an 18+ league in Tampa.
Rod Sweet
Mystic, CT
December 9, 2009
3:34:59 PM

Entry ID: 1739940
Just checking in.
lou malizia
December 4, 2009
10:08:30 PM

Entry ID: 1738382
i am so greatfull to have found a great bunch of guys in this league.i have so much respect for all of you guys. i never tought in a million years that guys in there 60s an 70s( an lets not forget bobby plessner 81 superman )were still so competitive and still so good at playing. thank you all for excepting me in the league. i also would like to congratulate jerry vitti an jack oneill for putting together a great christmas party this year. fun time by all.
Chas Crawford
West Falmouth (Cape Cod), MA
November 8, 2009
7:24:38 PM

Entry ID: 1727393
See you all for the 2010 season in January.
Rick Bode
Allendale, Mi / Parrish, Fl
October 24, 2009
12:07:11 PM

Entry ID: 1719307
I read your webpage regularly, because my old softball buddy, Chuck Adams, retired from GM and now plays ball on your league. I am also retired from GM and play on three leagues here, on the other side of the state, Venice, Sarasota and Punta Gorda
Rich McCann
Port St Lucie, FL
August 26, 2009
9:04:00 PM

Entry ID: 1685866
Nat, I will pass on that you are playing in the Huntsmans Games. Good Luck, bring home the Trophy.
nat rinato
las vegas nv
August 17, 2009
5:31:58 PM

Entry ID: 1679720
hi.i will be playing at the huntsman senior games with the la vegas elks.oct5-9th.if you known if anyone thats going to be there tell them to look for me. thank you. NAT
Rod Sweet
mystic, CT
May 15, 2009
1:58:56 PM

Entry ID: 1625331
I am very sorry to hear about Vern Peck, Rich thank you for that information. My Rhode Island team lost two players, one last year and one this year.
russell winner
lakeland fl
May 5, 2009
6:47:04 PM

Entry ID: 1618897
hi just happen to find you while looking for fhc site. looking to see how other's operate. i'm on the board here in lakeland senior softball league. we play every monday and thursday all year. also play for the lakeland rounders in fhc tourny's. if you ever get by lakeland drop in on us we play mondays and thursday's at 830 am south west complex. thanks, russ
Terry E. Hilt
Indianapolis, IN (presently)
May 3, 2009
3:18:52 PM

Entry ID: 1616881
Hi, I hope to move to Florida within 3 years and join a winning softball team . I am going to turn 60 May 14th of 2009. Played second base (turning 2, was my specialty) and left field. I am 6-0, 183 lb, good shape, batting avg. 400. See ya soon.

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Total Entries: 47