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January 5, 2011
7:50:54 PM

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November 28, 2010
1:32:00 PM

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hry guys just wanted to stop by to tell you guys how much i love this team i am so glad i cheer for the RBA VIKINGS i wouldnt go anywhere else i love all the coaches becasue with out them we wouldnt have an rba vikings and a rally BIG THANK U TO COACH JEAN I THANK HER FRO EVERYTHING SHE DOES FOR US so that is it for now love u guys ps can twait for flordia
kimberly kelly
November 28, 2010
12:32:59 AM

Entry ID: 1848989
GREAT JOB VIKINGS!! Now it is off to Disney for the big one! I pray Jennifer's last season with RBA Vikings ends on a sweet note and you guys get the #1 you deserve!!!!!!
Mary Phillips
November 26, 2010
6:29:57 PM

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Glad to hear that you won in Charlotte,watch out Disney here they come Good luck and God Bless
Jaymee K.
November 9, 2010
8:16:54 PM

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Hey Guys, I miss all of yall so much. I think about this team EVERYDAY. I talk about yall all the time. I miss yall and all of the coaches!
October 25, 2010
7:41:12 PM

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Cheerleading ROCKS.!!!(: ....Gotta love it.!...Go Vikings. Number.1.!!
woody wright
October 22, 2010
7:37:44 PM

Entry ID: 1838611
backing the boys and girls behind the scenes. go get um
Hailey Mathis :)
October 18, 2010
9:16:41 PM

Entry ID: 1837085
I love this team! This is my last year since I am 15 now. So ready for locals competition on sunday! :) <3 We are going to do awesome! I have had so much fun cheering for RBA for five years! I will miss everyone! This is the best team I have ever been on! I have made so many wonderful friends and they have become like family to me! I wanna thank Coach Jean, Coach Tina (my mom), Coach Teresa (my aunt),Mrs.Karen,Coach Jill, Coach April, Coach Cathy, Coach Kristi (my cousin), Coach Michelle, Cheer Papa, all the cheer dads, Coach Audrey, Coach Darla and everyone elses that helps for voluteering your time and making this so much fun for us! I love you all! I appreicate everything all of you guys do for us!! Coach Jean has inspired me so much and I think so for that. Without Coach Jean none of this could happen! Thank you Mr.Lafave (Coach Daryl) for voluteering your time to coach football because without you there would be no RBA Vikings football teams. CONGRATES to Jr.Midget on an awesome year so far.
Sarah Ann <3
September 2, 2010
7:00:47 AM

Entry ID: 1822821
can't wait till our next game :)
Hannah Willett :)
August 24, 2010
7:32:00 PM

Entry ID: 1819194
Hiya Ya'll just got the uniform I am excited about the Pep -Rally and Game saturday !!!!!! Can't wait see ya 'til then!!!!
Geeeerbieee. (: <345
August 17, 2010
9:46:49 AM

Entry ID: 1816487
Heeeeeey. (: Practice will pay off. :D I love you guys. (:
shelby lyne mathis
August 17, 2010
9:43:59 AM

Entry ID: 1816485
I can not wait til pratice today
July 25, 2010
4:07:43 PM

Entry ID: 1809778
Hey Girls! Time to get your paperwork in! Start stretching and get ready for the best year ever! THIS IS OUR YEAR!
Aimee Pierce
herrin illinios
April 27, 2010
5:43:24 PM

Entry ID: 1784988
Hey girls!!! i miss you all so much!! goodness this year had to be the best out of my 4 years!!! i love you and hope to go to florida the next time you go!!! i love you all!! <3
Hailey Mathis
December 4, 2009
9:23:36 AM

Entry ID: 1738103
Hey guys....... I am so proud of both teams!!!!! We did awesome at regionals and now on our way to nationals!!!!!!!!!!! Lets show disney and everyone who we are and why we are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have worked so hard this year to blow it now!! Last year midget lost it this time last year and lets not let that happen again!!!!! We are to good for that!!! We are the best and lets so the judges that!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!! GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!
Abby Lyn LaFave<3
November 29, 2009
12:17:38 PM

Entry ID: 1736560
Regional Champions!!!On our way to nationals!Im so proud of Midgets and JPW! Thank u Cole for doing ur tuck! Love u guys, can't wait till nationals, keep up the good work!~Abby Lyn<3
aLiYaH aNd SiMoNe'
November 28, 2009
8:28:54 PM

Entry ID: 1736459
MiD-sOuTh ChAmPiOnS!!! lEt'S sToMP tHe FlOoR aT nAtIoNaLs!! LeT's ShOw MiCkEy MoUsE wHo We ArE!!!
Lexi and Kaden
November 26, 2009
12:51:52 PM

Entry ID: 1736033
It's Thanksgiving day and we're on our way 2 Charlotte. Hope we get 2 see Mickey!!!
November 24, 2009
8:01:39 PM

Entry ID: 1735388
Evelyn Thomas
Leland, NC
November 23, 2009
12:21:35 PM

Entry ID: 1734670
Good Luck Jean! Missed seeing you this year. Hope the girls do well. Have a safe trip to and from Charlotte.
Hailey Mathis
November 20, 2009
11:01:08 AM

Entry ID: 1733528
Cant wait til Regionals!!!!!!!!! Cant believe that it is soooo close!!! We are going to do AWESEOME!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!
*Jaymee Kae*
November 18, 2009
8:36:51 PM

Entry ID: 1732824
Hey RBA cheerleaders! I really cannot believe that regionals is so close. All i can say is try your best! I love this team so much and all the people on it. So Byee!!
November 7, 2009
7:15:03 AM

Entry ID: 1726779
A special note from our Cheer Director Thank you……To all of our Coaches without you this would not be possible! To all of our parents for getting them to practice, listening to your coaches, bringing snacks, but most of all supporting us always. To Theresa Crisp for making this the most successful Non Competitive Cheer year ever! To Cathy Mintz (good ole KM),for stepping up and coaching a team when I really needed someone. To Maria Yurgel who always reminds me of the things I often forget! To our treasurer Karen Gore for doing the things people often do not see, but keeps our program running as successful as it does. To our Assistant Cheer Director and my BFF Tina Mathis for always being there for the girls and supporting me, and for sharing my philosophy that this is truly not about trophies but about the kids! To our Vikings President and my husband Daryl Lafave who has never treated cheer as if it was second to football, and always supported our program and Athletes 100%. To Mr. Cramer and Mr. Mitchell and The Roger Bacon Academy, you believed in me and our teams and gave us a chance to succeed. To all of the athletes who work hard everyday, and don’t mind doing it “one more time” until we get it right! But most of all to My Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me the opportunity to be part of these girls lives, they are truly a blessing everyday. Jean Lafave- Cheer Director
Hailey Mathis
November 6, 2009
10:16:28 AM

Entry ID: 1726311
Hey everyone, We did awesome at locals now we are going to regional in Charlotte and rock the floor then hopefully to nationals!!!! We are doing awesome this year!! Just rememeber the pledge and if we all stay together like we are doing right now, we will make it to nationals!!! I love you guys!!!! GO VIKINGS!!! And you coaches (Coach Tina, Coach Jean, Coach Vickie, Coach April, Coach Carmen Coach Kristi, and Coach Kathy) Thank you for all you guys do and staying with us even though some days we are not doing our best!!! I love you all!!! Im glad you all are our coaches!!!!!!
Gina McKenzie
November 3, 2009
5:10:29 PM

Entry ID: 1724918
Does anyone have a picture of the JPW team in front of the castle at Disney LAST year?

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