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December 31, 2010
2:10:04 PM

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Kat had a great season last year and is looking forward to the upcoming AAU season! They had a great group of girls! The coaches, Alice and Rachael were very dedicated. Thank you John, Bob and any other coaches for organizing the fall clinics this year. It helped prepare the girls for this basketball season.
Fran Smith
July 10, 2009
10:39:08 PM

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For the class of 2009,Former Lady Cyclone Julie Smith was named Chariho High School's Female Senior Athlete of The Year for her superior athletic abilities in volleyball and basketball. Julie will be attending Mount Ida college in the fall on scholarship where she will be playing volleyball and basketball.
Rich Glover
March 27, 2009
11:00:32 PM

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The RI Lady Cyclones 12U team is ready for a great season. We play our first tournament on April 4-5 in Mansfield, MA. Good luck to all the RI Lady Cyclones teams.
Rob Welsh
March 27, 2009
9:29:38 AM

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The web site is wonderful. The program is blossoming and you guys are doing a great job. The girls seem to really enjoy one another and are looking forward to some great competition.
shaylynn and kerri
December 26, 2008
3:49:20 PM

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cant wait for another great season. happy holidays and see you all next year!!!!!#22
Charleston SC
December 25, 2008
10:48:57 AM

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Go Cyclones!
December 6, 2008
1:56:45 PM

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My sister plays for the Cyclones and my dad coaches so I have been watching the league grow and improve for years! Tournaments are really competitive and a lot of fun to watch :) Looking forward to the upcoming season. Go Cyclones!
Serena Mattley
December 2, 2008
1:35:34 AM

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Hey Lady Cyclones! Congrats on a successful season! I missed you all this year but I look forward to seeing you all play soon! Keep up the hard work! Coach Serena
Jackie S
December 1, 2008
6:20:39 PM

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All the coaches are great. They really take an interest in the girls and their "game". I can say for sure that my daughter's basketball skills have been brought up to the next level.
Lynn LeValley
December 1, 2008
8:21:32 AM

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We had an excellent season last year outstanding tournaments with high level competition. Looking forward to another great AAU season!
Litttle Compton,RI
November 30, 2008
9:09:17 AM

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I am looking forward to coaching the 8th grade girls team this spring. I encourage any player who wants to bring there game to the next level come aboard. Good Luck to all see you in the Spring!
Greg Bishop
Hope Valley
November 29, 2008
11:17:11 PM

Entry ID: 1517762
Great site. Thanks for all the dedication you all give to the girls. The HS workouts were a great idea.
Mike Coffey
November 29, 2008
11:22:08 AM

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John and Bob, just wanted to thank you for organizing and running the fall workouts. It was a great start to the high school season and really showed the girls how to prepare. Obviously the showcasing the Cyclones didn't hurt either. Great job!
Rob Welsh
November 27, 2008
11:04:16 AM

Entry ID: 1516710
Finally a quality organizational alternative to the Breakers. I like the fact you are judged by your charactor on the Cyclones and not the size of your ego. Great Job.
Ali Lord
November 24, 2008
3:33:15 PM

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ya lady cyclones!!!!!!!!!! awesome website
Lee and Martha Smith
South Kingstown, RI
November 23, 2008
4:31:48 PM

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Great website! We look forward to another exciting year with the Lady Cyclones in 2009.
John Silva
November 21, 2008
1:40:42 PM

Entry ID: 1512794
Special thanks to Ron Patalano for taking his own personal time to help us establish this web site. It is Lady Cyclone's parents like Ron that make this all work. Ron's daughter Jessica plays for the Lady Cyclones. Last year she was with the U11/U12 team with Coach Glover. We have great young ladies who participate with the Lady Cyclones and our parents and coaches are tremendous.
Lori Dufficy
November 19, 2008
12:41:49 PM

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There have been so many achievements with these players and teams, now we will be able to share them with others. Thanks John for making all of this happen, not just the site but keeping the club alive and growing strong. We love to be a part of the Cyclone Family, Two daughters and 6 years running. We are thankful for the efforts of all of the coaches John, Bob, Mike and Rich to name a few.
Greg Rakovic
Narragansett, RI
November 17, 2008
6:03:34 PM

Entry ID: 1509634
Great Website. Go Lady Cyclones!
Danielle Silva
November 16, 2008
8:33:23 PM

Entry ID: 1508556
hello. go cyclones!
Bob Canetti
November 16, 2008
11:07:50 AM

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Go Lady Cyclones!
John Silva
November 14, 2008
3:47:48 PM

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