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David Quigley
Buttaba, Australia
February 15, 2015
5:32:15 AM

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Kudos to Mike Burke. Great to see that he continues to dedicate his time to support this great pastime in Canada. A former Manager of mine with the Scarborough Sun Devils back in the early 90's and clearly a man with a passion for the game. Good on you Mike! D Quigley
Yoland Pickles
September 9, 2014
3:13:54 PM

Entry ID: 2058239
What happened to the Marlins in the playoffs? After the season they had, very surprised they were knocked off already! Any chance of a write-up?
Greg Bezoff
April 23, 2014
8:21:08 PM

Entry ID: 2051624
Congrats to my old team, the Marlins. I wish I could have been there with them, but the old body can't take it any more.
The Rules
January 13, 2014
3:49:10 PM

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The league is 35+, but each team can have a small number of 30+ non-pitchers.
December 4, 2013
10:50:40 PM

Entry ID: 2045880
I have been told by some people that its a 30+ league and by some that it's 35+?? any clarification?
October 2, 2013
2:36:16 PM

Entry ID: 2042189
No write-up on the final championship game?!
John Thomas
Neilson Park
April 15, 2013
1:55:02 PM

Entry ID: 2026895
Richie...Thanks for taking on the role of web master. I see the host has given you a few more toys to use. Great great job.
Yolanda Pickles
March 27, 2012
3:49:47 PM

Entry ID: 1962125
As 2012 kicks off, it would be fun to see League Leader stats from past years on the site (BA, HR, RBI, SB, W, K, etc)...
Paul Martin
April 4, 2011
3:12:44 PM

Entry ID: 1877489
Hello all, I am looking to play baseball this season closer to home after playing in Etobicoke the last 3 years. I am 39 and can pretty much play any position including catcher and can pitch a little bit. Please let me know if you have any spots full or part time, if there is a waiting list or even if you know of any other leagues that might be taking players. Thanks in advance.
August 18, 2010
4:10:36 PM

Entry ID: 1817030
hey does anyone want to buy a pair of Sean Campbell game worn batting gloves.....
Michael Giancotti
May 10, 2010
7:06:17 PM

Entry ID: 1789033
Hello all, new to the Ajax area and would love to play baseball this season I am 37 and have played in a men's baseball league in Mississauga. my brother (33) would also like to play. Please let me know. Thank you in advance.
Jeff O'Brien
July 5, 2009
10:11:12 AM

Entry ID: 1656057
A big thanx to all of you guys who spent some time working on the field this past weekend. We, the Phillies, played the final game this weekend and the place was in great shape. Your extra efforts are very much appreciated as we try to keep the league running during this difficult time. O'B
jeff o'brien
July 28, 2008
1:15:48 AM

Entry ID: 1427306
Nawm, We'd like you to know our thoughts are with you at this time of grieving. Sorry about your loss and we'll share a pint this weekend remembering better times. Look forward to seeing your this weekend. O'B
Jeff O'Brien
May 26, 2008
10:42:03 AM

Entry ID: 1392148
Andy, Thought you pitched a great game Friday night! Real nice job of hanging tough whenever we'd hit a cheap little duck-snort or flare off of you to get a rally going. Have to admit, I figured we had a better chance of coming back once you left early...but, we know how that turned out! Nice game to all of the Rangers. O'B
Tony Gabud
March 9, 2008
10:10:57 AM

Entry ID: 1343795
To my Phillie team mates,it looks like I`am done playing ball for the Phillies and hanging up my cleats.Having problems with my left knee,got sharp pains and having problems going up(down) the stairs some days.I`ve had a great ride with the Philles for 12 years,I`am going to miss it all,my team mates,after the game beers,and lets not forget the six Championships.I guess,just the game in general,I won`t be totally out of the mix,I will peak at the box scores(THX J.T) and will from time to time drop by the ball park to watch a game.I`ve always said I was proud to be a Phillie and I am to this day,keep on winning boys!!! Tony
Jeff O'Brien
October 4, 2007
6:03:34 PM

Entry ID: 1223306
A big toast to Burkie, JT, all of the team reps, and the boys in blue (sometimes red)! Without your endless hours working the phones, e-mail, and the field, our Saturdays would never be so much fun...and for that I thank you. To all the new guys I finally met and was able to shoot the breeze with this year: (Chris (A's), Matt (Rangers), Nawm & Crazy Legs (Marlins), and of course Del, Kev & the boys (Cards); I look forward to more stories and some brown pops next summer! I look forward every week to coming out with the yahoos in this league because it's nice to see some passion in this game without all the chirpin' & stylin'! Looking forward to sharing some Crown Royal with many more of you in '08! O'B
July 16, 2007
10:40:29 AM

Entry ID: 1163230
Great stuff JT on the all-star balloting .. A great idea to spur interest in the leagus and help the gusy get to know one another better! NAWM
May 10, 2006
11:14:42 AM

Entry ID: 837820
Hey JT! Looking forward to the season as well! Great job with the site .. I only hope I can get up against you once a month so I can at least have a batting average!! :) Thanx for all the effort! NAWM from the Marlins
Jody Dunn
North York
April 14, 2006
3:34:13 PM

Entry ID: 818565
Looks great guys!!! Much better than the last one and if things stay update it is A++
Brian Murphy
April 11, 2006
4:15:51 PM

Entry ID: 816068
Looking forward to dueling with all pitchers in this league.Especially the Phillies and Marlin`s!It`s nice to see a mixture of competitiveness and sportmanship that`s in this league.Can`t wait to play!Great job on the site J.T. Murf
Gerry Beelen
April 7, 2006
9:00:28 AM

Entry ID: 812532
Awesome job on the website. Obviously no salary cap here!
john hart
April 6, 2006
7:37:07 PM

Entry ID: 812263
good job j.t. what will it cost to get my picture removed ?
Alex Liu
March 27, 2006
10:09:33 PM

Entry ID: 803776
Looks great JT! I look forward to the weekly boxscores, as they come in. Your efforts are much appreciated!
Bob Menchinton
March 27, 2006
7:16:27 PM

Entry ID: 803567
Looks good. Not sure I like the idea of individual stats being posted on the site... ...depends on how my stats look this year.
Jim Conlon
March 19, 2006
11:42:17 AM

Entry ID: 796790
Good job JT.

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