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Jordan Pearce
San Diego
May 17, 2011
7:11:56 PM

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I cant wait until memorial day tourney to get out and woop some butt again!!!!
Kevin Robertson
Swarm City, USA
July 31, 2010
8:08:06 PM

Entry ID: 1811538
Feeling nostalgic today watching the boys defeat the Democrats, a team that 5 years ago broke our hearts and kept us from winning a tournament. We've come a long way and I really love this team.
Ruby Simsiman(Rob & Ben. Luke 's lola)
Madison, Wisconsin 53713
April 20, 2010
5:43:14 AM

Entry ID: 1782537
CONGRATULATIONS SWARM !!! I am so proud of all of you keep up the good work Good Luck on your next game lola
Tom Davis
San Diego
January 12, 2010
10:10:23 AM

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I want to thank every one who is a member of this great organization from the bottom of my heart. I was arranging Val's flowers last nite commenting on how pretty and nice they were and Val says her favorite is this trophy. I knew you kids were awesome and I was lucky to tag along to Cooperstown with such a great bunch, but this is a whole different level of awesome right here. I love you guys and my daughter and I will be out to support you guys real soon, then we are going out for pizza, on me. My family thanks you as well for putting a smile on Val's face during this ordeal. I have much love for this team and organization. A finer bunch of 13 year olds there is not. Keep on kicking butt and keep on being SWARM NATION. Thank you, Tom--Val's Dad PS---She knows you guys are winners because you wear Black and Gold.
Ruby Simsiman(Rob & Ben. Luke 's lola)
Madison, Wisconsin 53713
January 12, 2010
7:07:16 AM

Entry ID: 1749492
CONGRATULATIONS SWARM!!! Best of LUCK on your game this weekend Be cheering for you from madison
Ruby Simsiman ( Rob Simsiman's Lola)
September 6, 2009
4:50:45 PM

Entry ID: 1693217
welcome home SWARM !!! Congratulations for a job well done. boys , you are fantastic. we follow your games from day 1 to the last. via my pc.We are so proud of you and we love you all Lola
Gary Crusberg
August 24, 2009
11:57:09 PM

Entry ID: 1684325
Swarm, Good Luck in Copperstown - Have a GREAT time. When you get done there you should bounce over to Williamsport and show those guys how to play REAL baseball
Kevin Robertson
Swarm City, USA
August 17, 2009
11:09:08 PM

Entry ID: 1679945
The entire travel party is getting ready for an amazing weekend in the birthplace of baseball. We are also excited to have one of our most loyal fans along for the trip, Mr. Bob Sellers, all the way from Ohio. We have the greatest fans ever! Everyone can watch our games on the internet at starting August 29.
Ruby Simsiman(Rob &Ben.s lola)
Madison ,Wisconsin 53713
August 17, 2009
2:41:39 PM

Entry ID: 1679730
GOOD game swarms, we are so proud of you keep -up , we wish you the best in copperstown GOOD LUCK, grandma shaeon& lola ruby
Ruby Simsiman(Rob &Ben.s lola)
madison, wisconsin 53713
August 14, 2009
6:15:40 PM

Entry ID: 1678589
Congratulations swarms, good job boys it was nice to see this write up, i have been checking your website every now and then. GOOD LUCK on your game on sunday, love you all lola
Ruby Simsiman(Rob &Ben.s lola)
Madison Wisconsin 53713
March 16, 2009
4:50:17 PM

Entry ID: 1585018
CONGRATULATIONS SWARM *(both 9U & 12U) for a great win last weekend, boys you are doing so good, keep up the goodwork I am so proud of all of you!!! ROB , BEN & LUKE lola loves you
Ruby Simsiman(Rob &Ben.s lola)
November 30, 2008
9:16:54 PM

Entry ID: 1518319
good job SWARM. You played good, we love you lola
Ruby Simsiman(Rob &Ben.s lola)
madison, wisconsin 53713
November 21, 2008
4:41:09 PM

Entry ID: 1513065
I am so proud of you SWARM, good luck in your projects. I will be sending a check for this cause as soon as possible. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL. WISH YOU GOOD LUCK on your games this weekend love you ROB & BEN lola
Sharon Sellers (Rob & BEN Simsiman's grandma)
November 21, 2008
4:14:41 PM

Entry ID: 1513045
I am putting a check in the mail for the project. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all, hope your collection surpasses last years and good luck with your charitable efforts love Mom
Swarm City, USA
November 19, 2008
7:35:26 PM

Entry ID: 1511714
We usually post things here about kids performances on the field, but I would like to take the time to thank all of the team's supporters off the field who have donated to the second annual Swarm Donation Drive to the San Diego Center for Children. You are true heroes in our community.
Swarm City, USA
October 1, 2008
12:09:21 AM

Entry ID: 1470690
I just want to take a moment to congratulate the 11U Swarm on a terrific 11 year old season. We went 39-17-1, and won 6 championships, including the season ending D-2 championship at the Fall Nationals. We've come along way since that first tournament as 9's, and I look forward to an even better 12 year old season, which we will wrap up with a trip to Cooperstown, NY in August 2009. I'm very proud of all the players who played with us this year. GREAT JOB!
Natalie Padua
September 15, 2008
9:48:54 PM

Entry ID: 1459621
Great Job 11U for winning the D2 Championship at the Fall Nationals in Vegas!! The 8U played awesome as well and I could not be more proud! This year was special since Devin, Gino, and I made the trip with Tristan. We had fun celebrating his 12th Birthday along side a great group of friends. Thanks SWARM!!! xoxo - Natalie
Van Nuys
September 14, 2008
8:04:00 PM

Entry ID: 1458872
I want to congratulate the 8u Swarm for a great weekend in Vegas. Your a great team, hope to see you guys out on the field again. Mid Valley Fear
Swarm City, USA
July 14, 2008
9:15:18 PM

Entry ID: 1419798
Congratulations to the 8U team for their winning effort this past weekend. It's a great way to build confidence going into the Las Vegas tournament in September!
sharon sellers
madison wisconsin53713
July 14, 2008
9:02:42 AM

Entry ID: 1419246
Congratulations SWARM !!!good game, we (grandmas ) are so proud of you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN.keep up the good work boys grandma sharon
ruby simsiman
madison, wisconsin 53713
July 14, 2008
8:57:04 AM

Entry ID: 1419240
Good job SWARM !!! Congratulations. We are so proud of you,all of you are fantastic Keep up the good work. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN, i love you! hope to see you play next time
Robert Sellers
Waterville, Ohio
June 15, 2008
9:24:54 AM

Entry ID: 1403670
Amanda seems to have a diffficult time with Omaha. Her first visit was in January 1972 and the temperature was around zero when the airplane landed. She had been living in Bangkok, Thailand for three years and was totally adapted to the tropical climate; however, she really enjoyed the snow and the cold, stayed outside until her face and hands were red with cold, and ate at her first fast-food restaurant, The Red Barn. I, on the other hand did not venture outside. After three months in Omaha, she went back to Thailand and ate fried bananas and noodle soups from the street vendors! I am awaiting, eagerly, the results of your games. Br inspired by Tiger Woods efforts on Saturday and win this thing!
Uncle D Robertson
June 13, 2008
8:27:39 PM

Entry ID: 1403141
Hey Dylan. Great first days games. A split is not bad at all. A complete game victory in Game 1 was awesome!! Keep up the great hitting too. You can do anything you put your mind to. Have fun, play hard, and kick some butt tomorrow. Bautista bomb those guys on Saturday...bring home that trophy!!! See ya when you get back. Uncle D Hi Hailey!
ruby simsiman
Madison, Wisconsin 53713
June 13, 2008
7:29:34 PM

Entry ID: 1403114
Good game SWARM !!!we are cherring for you here Good Luck on your next game,we know you can do it Rob, keep up the good work. I LOve you lola
Sara Delatorre
San Diego
June 13, 2008
5:21:13 PM

Entry ID: 1403050
You guys are doing great!!!! Keep the bats goin! Keep the momentum up! Dugout, cheer on your teamates!! We're cheering you on all the way!! Good luck guys! Have fun! xoxo :)

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Total Entries: 121