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King of the Kettle
KettleVille, USA
December 6, 2017
10:40:18 AM

Entry ID: 2086612
As the bats and gloves lay quite during this winter still, the boys of Q-Dawg baseball should be clanging the bells! The echo of the kettle should be heard throughout the campus and late into the night! Now is the time to get that extra snatch high above your head to prepare for the fight of next year... Wishing much strength and competition to the boys who will lead this future team into the past... That is all. King of the Kettle - '05
The Yeti
The Canyon in Tierrasanta
March 4, 2011
12:29:37 PM

Entry ID: 1870387
Hey King...after speaking the main man in charge of this site, I think you will be happy to see that there were some changes to the decade team. I would love, someday, to come down to your beloved brick wall basement and do a few cleans, snatches and two arm swings with you. The only problem would be the cleaning with all the hair I seem to be losing these days. The Yeti loves you!
Harry Doyle
MillerLite, TX
March 3, 2011
12:37:13 PM

Entry ID: 1870209
I agree burrrrppp Mr. Kettles farrrtt but rules are rules, like not talking on the phone while dropping a deuce. Pssstt, welp back to the Qdawgs Nation internet broadcast, Ive a ball-team to think about!
King of the Kettle
a brick walled basement...
March 1, 2011
4:29:43 PM

Entry ID: 1869766
luckily, i have been able to get internet down here in the kettle bell cell. but un lucky for you, there are some things to be said about the decade teams and this site! my thoughts can not be contained by this wimpy little girl of a guestbook. but unfortunately, unlike my kettles, this site now seems to match this girl without a forum. can this be true? where is the yeti? where is mr doyle? where is yanez? where are the real men/beasts speaking their thoughts? until my next break from snatches...king of the kettle.
Dale Horton
Bremerton, Wa
May 1, 2010
2:55:47 PM

Entry ID: 1786155
I wish i coulda spent my whole four years at Serra!!! But the Frosh,Soph years i was there helped me become a better player!!i miss those days!
March 22, 2010
10:12:28 AM

Entry ID: 1771574
Yanez, why did you post basically the same thing twice? You could say it was an accident but in the second one you changed it around...weird!
January 7, 2010
7:04:36 PM

Entry ID: 1748373
it is nice to see that the organization has progessed this much since i have graduated... it wouldnt b where it is today with out the hard work both the Bastyen brothers have put in! thank you u have made me who i am today thank you for that!
January 7, 2010
7:01:55 PM

Entry ID: 1748372
Wow...nice to see that this organizations has progressed this much since i have graduated! no thanks to the bastyens brothers i wouldn't be who i am today without u both thank you!
Serra Q-Dawg Fan
December 18, 2009
1:50:36 PM

Entry ID: 1743234
Looking at the schedule it looks as if Serra Baseball may get a few W's this year!
NV Baseball
Middletown, PA
April 6, 2007
8:23:49 AM

Entry ID: 1091947
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sioux falls s.d.
March 23, 2007
8:12:19 PM

Entry ID: 1080456
Great site. It's nice to see a team take the time to work with the youngsters. Come see us at;
Doug Monroe
Pensacola, Fl.
March 17, 2007
9:58:00 PM

Entry ID: 1075944
I really like the web-site. Wish we had something like this when we were playing there. Good luck this season ! Doug Monroe (class of 82)
Shon Schreiber
Aberdeen Wa.
February 17, 2007
9:25:39 PM

Entry ID: 1053824
Brian, Keep up the good work. I am sending you some school and baseball information for Robert. We have talked a few times overthe phone and e-mail. I am in need of middle infield help and I know he can come in and play everyday. Look forward to hearing from you. Shon
Nick Garramone
Superior, WI
May 31, 2006
11:14:59 AM

Entry ID: 854023
Hey nice site guys! Looks really good. I like the Bull Durham thing, that is pretty sweet. Check out our site We go through League Lineup too. Good luck with everything, and I'll be stoping back. Take care.
Douglasville, Georgia
April 4, 2006
4:49:35 PM

Entry ID: 810512
Love your site. You really have it all! Don't be a stranger and come visit ours at
The Raven
March 29, 2006
5:00:20 AM

Entry ID: 804942
Cool site, guys. Good luck this spring/summer. We'll be checking out your site to keep tabs on it. Good stuff.. Check out our site at We're an amateur team from Northern-Wisconsin. Again, best of luck this season!
Rowlett Longhorns
Baseball World
March 19, 2006
9:47:00 AM

Entry ID: 796827
Great site! Good Luck this season!
Chuck Basteyns
Enumclaw, Wa.
March 9, 2006
10:34:19 AM

Entry ID: 789216
Serra baseball off to a good start! Beast of luck this season!
March 3, 2006
4:26:14 AM

Entry ID: 784209
Best of luck this season!

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