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Sharon Hudson
August 31, 2010
3:04:59 PM

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I saw where you have put the picture of Ted & I here on the website and what was written about him. I so want to THANK YOU all again for honoring him that day and naming the fields after him. I truly believe that being the Soccer Coach of the Cyclones was part of what kept him going during his battle with the Mesothelioma. He loved the game and his team and the honoring of him made him so happy. He most have told everyone he knew about it and telling them all they should drive out to the fields to see the sign... You made him PROUD & HAPPY in his last two weeks of his life. We will always remember what you did for him! Sharon, Krista, Alexis & Alyssa
Kim Petry
July 24, 2010
10:38:27 AM

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Thank you all for your time and hard work. The online registration form is very convenient. Thanks again to all you wonderful volunteers!!
Shawn Vance-Carter
April 1, 2010
6:49:32 AM

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Your website is very informative. This is my daughters first year and I found the website very helpful.
Jenny Mae
September 1, 2009
3:06:51 PM

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Great Job on the website Tina
Frank Latimer
October 6, 2008
2:59:17 PM

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Doin great guys, glad to see it! If anyone wants to play indoor at Quantum Soccer, I'm your man, just email me! Website looks good too!!
Poncho Guerrero
Sissonville, WV
June 23, 2007
7:09:06 AM

Entry ID: 1148951
The soccer building is looking great. Many thanks to Tracy/Chuck Gary for pushing the project and to Charlie Purdue and the folks who helped him. Tina: the website looks great!
Mark Holstine
President, Riverside Youth Soccer
April 5, 2007
12:11:14 PM

Entry ID: 1091197
Great looking site!!! Everyone keep up the good work, all of you do a great job with your association.
Dennis Carney
March 6, 2007
7:54:21 PM

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This is looking good. Hard work well worth the time. We all need to get the word out because I think most are still unaware of this site. Thank you !!!
Jeff Layne
September 20, 2006
1:26:31 PM

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Sissonville is "moving on up"! :) Great job!!!

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Total Entries: 9