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January 27, 2013
2:58:40 AM

Entry ID: 2017773
Good game Rizzo, i remember all the swordfish/bruisers battles in the past, it was cool of you to come on here and be cool about our game the other night.
Rizzo93 Stingers
Whitestone NY
January 25, 2013
1:12:55 PM

Entry ID: 2017614
Good game last night boys. Fun back and forth. I knew this blog existed... ummm well... I used to play for the Swordfish. LOL. Good game, no bullshit... the way it should be. But the Morkmen guy running his mouth... probably should realize that they stacked their own team with junior players and play a division down. its a shame too, because its a solid, even division... and then theres them, who bring back from college all-stars to win where they don't belong. Anyway, good job game last night boys.
January 17, 2013
2:37:31 PM

Entry ID: 2016311
I have always put my name (or number) on my posts here. But the Morkmen trolls haven't. But after seeing Klein at our game last night and the fact that not even 12 hours after our game ended there was a post on here from a get this, NAMELESS morkmen website troll, leads me to believe its been him all along. Not shocked, try messaging a girl one day, there has to be something better to do with your life than somehow find our website and spit such venom on it for years, all the while having no balls to put your name on it.
ur life sucks
January 17, 2013
11:56:57 AM

Entry ID: 2016255
Funny you still read our website after everyone of our games. Ur life must really suck
good record
January 17, 2013
9:15:14 AM

Entry ID: 2016228
funny you fail to mention it came against 3 teams in the div below you.
Relax Morkmen
December 13, 2012
7:13:33 PM

Entry ID: 2011279
I see when not even in our division you are obsessed with us and our website. You have never won a title with us in your division. You never will.
good record
December 10, 2012
3:26:53 PM

Entry ID: 2010790
nice write ups too :)
My Team Sucks Mommy
July 18, 2012
9:42:32 AM

Entry ID: 1979503
W L T P GF GA Morkmen 0 2 0 0 6 16 How is this summer season working out for you Homo's?
response to bruiser fan
July 16, 2012
8:25:07 PM

Entry ID: 1979260
Wrote an article just for you since you spent a July day one month after your season ended checking our web site. Maybe one day you will get a life try losing the goggles and about 50 pounds that'll be a start
Bruiser Fan
July 16, 2012
11:12:31 AM

Entry ID: 1979186
the website has not been updated, did you win the championship?
#76 Bender
July 1, 2012
9:58:21 PM

Entry ID: 1977139
And i just took a look to make sure on but you guys have three championships. None came with us in the division. And in the one championship year you DID play us in interleague play we won 10-4. Conversely you were in our division for Each of our last three championships. Yet you troll our website even after your season ends, and call out people but wont put your name on it. I know who on your team its not. Just cant figure out which of the 5 cocks or 1 special retard it is....
del muro
July 1, 2012
9:43:26 PM

Entry ID: 1977135
haha i bend? ive scored plenty of goals against you guys. And its funny you said i bend and the rest are 30 year olds. No i'm the 30 year old and the others are in their young to mid 20's. And ive seen plenty of credit given on this site to other teams. Just not you b/c we always beat you and you guys are all pretty much cock suckers. most not all of you. Either way. at least i put my name on my comments
haha bruise these nuts
June 29, 2012
4:11:01 PM

Entry ID: 1976908
del faggot bends really hard and the rest of you are like 30 years old with nothing, kenny's your whole team and you talk shit about every team that beats you, never give props to anyone or anything.
June 29, 2012
12:10:25 PM

Entry ID: 1976879
Have fun sitting in your basement plotting next seasons ringers you need to beat us. Klein sucks so he needs all the help he can get. Stonybrook is fat and out of shape so he sucks. Ortiz is to dumb to figure out the game of hockey. Frothe Rothe cares how he looks to much. The Homo's well enough said. Morkwomen suck face it! You dudes need jobs because all you do is eyeball fuck our website hourly....
Beat THEM in the Finals and YOU dum SHIT
June 29, 2012
11:57:24 AM

Entry ID: 1976877
Get some contacts you Bonohomo!!!!
clean out your lockers boys seasons over
June 28, 2012
2:15:34 PM

Entry ID: 1976759
The other team you guys love to talk shit about just whipped your asses, enjoy the summer of sitting in moms basement and blogging.
AGAIN with the no name morkmen
June 20, 2012
5:39:02 PM

Entry ID: 1975505
The life of some players on the Morkmen 1. start a season 2. maybe get an early win over bruisers 3. check bruiser website 4. comment on bruiser page without putting name 5. lose every other game to bruisers that season 6. check bruiser website 7. comment on how gay bruiser website is 8. lose to bruisers in championship 9. check bruiser website 10. Start new season 11. check bruiser website 12. when you realize you cant beat bruisers bring a ringer 13 lose in OT 14. Get a different ringer for Playoffs 15. get caught cheating and lose 16. start off summer by checking bruiser website and commenting with out name
bruiser writer
June 20, 2012
3:45:04 PM

Entry ID: 1975477
Yes, i do need to get laid, my gf has been away for a week. But its funny that you have something to say when you constantly read my writing on OUR website.
seriously gay
June 20, 2012
11:42:53 AM

Entry ID: 1975435
Whoever writes this needs to get laid.
Mary Mother
May 22, 2012
6:13:49 PM

Entry ID: 1971413
Hello friends of Nassau Nassau County Divorce Law Attorney
Yo reality check.....
May 15, 2012
3:34:23 PM

Entry ID: 1970296
Dont write shit without using your name on our site. Thats just pussy and yes. Seans our top scorer but we beat you lastgame and he only scored empty netter
reality hurts
May 15, 2012
3:18:41 PM

Entry ID: 1970289
win a game without kenney
Mrs ortiz boyfriend
May 11, 2012
8:47:26 PM

Entry ID: 1969812
You fucking losers only have 3 wins. Keep talking and win a title outside of e division.
reality check
May 11, 2012
11:17:08 AM

Entry ID: 1969739
the bruisers are kenney the rest of you old douchebags cant even skate without him you would be in last place more often, btw enjoy last place
Special "Ed" Ortiz
Shortbus, Baldwin
May 10, 2012
5:21:40 PM

Entry ID: 1969602
The Bruisers are 12-5 career vs. the Morkmen, including a perfect playoff series record vs. them, yet they talk shit and the first time we have a down start to the year, they post about last place. Hey Ortiz, i know you are special and retarded so is that why your ass played hockey when you and i all know that regular ORTIZ's play soccer and baseball? dumb fuck

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Total Entries: 444