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Lydia Riehl
Las Vegas
September 28, 2013
2:58:49 AM

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I just wanted to thank you for the incredible color guard honors you bestowed on my father, and you first troop leader, Wilbur "Bill" Riehl. He so loved scouting! He was proud of each and every scout he had. Helping to lead, teach and council scouts gave him a sense of peace and purpose for decades. I have absolute faith that he looked down and sent blessings from above to each of you. You were his pride and joy! Thank you for all you gave back to him, the honor you performed for him, and allowing him to touch your lives. You have my utmost appreciate and respect. My best, Lydia Riehl
Sean Young
Augusta, Georgia
June 14, 2013
2:56:08 AM

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Hey, My name is Sean. I am currently serving in Afghanistan with the 139th Military Police Company. We recently received a care package from you guys and we appreciate it greatly. Its the small things that help remind us of home and make the days go by faster. As a fellow Eagle Scout, I appreciate the selfless service and thought that went into making these awesome packages. To me that's what being a scout is all about, thinking of others.You can be sure that none of it will go to waste! Thank you all once again, your friend Sean.
Rudy W. Stefancik, M.D.
Pilot Rock, OR
May 18, 2013
2:35:54 AM

Entry ID: 2030229
A post script: I was perusing your summer calendar and saw where some of you may be going to that new Sea Base in FL. The Superintendant there is Paul Beall. Paul's Dad was my scoutmaster while my Dad was the Chair of our troop committee in Greenville, TX. He was Sr Patrol Leader while I served as Jr Assistant Scoutmaster. If you go there, walk up to him and meet him. I promise he won't bite. I ran into him and his mother last fall the first time in 40 years. Tell him you're from the troop that Rudy Stefancik finally got his Eagle badge! Ask him if he still plays the trombone and about wrapping the front yard trees of twirler's homes with toilet paper during football season. BTW, I was in the Grissom Tiger Band when we won the 6 Flags Over GA Festival in 74 and when we got to the state championship game (we lost to to Birmingham Banks qb'd by Jeff Rutledge) at Milton Frank in 73.
Rudy W. Stefancik, M.D.
Pilot Rock, OR
May 18, 2013
2:04:32 AM

Entry ID: 2030228
Just came across your website. I moved to Hunstville from Greenville, TX in 1972 and completed my final Eagle requirements in 1973 with your troop and went through my Board of Review and Court of Honor with your troop. I'm thrilled to see that Troop 361 is still going strong. The leadership skills I learned in scouting helped me considerably in college, med school, and beyond in my religious, professional, social, political, and public/civil service positions I have since held. To any aspiring scout, I would simply tell you a story that motivated me. I heard the late Paul Harvey say back in the late 60's that his one great regret in his life was not progressing beyond 1st Class and becoming an Eagle Scout. In his defense, back in his day, you had to learn Morse Code to make 1st Class and he said that was where he got stuck. They at least had semaphore (flag signalling) as an alternative when I came through. When I turned 17, his words were still ringing in my ears and I put down Order of the Arrow for a while and got the last few merit badges. I never would have forgiven myself to come that close and not finish it out. My only regret is that I never got my Ad Altare Dei religious medal for Catholics. Don't procrastinate. Time flies faster than you think and once you hit high school, academics and extra-curriculars can really get in the way of scouting in a hurry.
Nicole Gesualdo
May 30, 2011
2:11:24 PM

Entry ID: 1890056
My son aspires to achieve being an Eagle. what an awesome website!
Jocelyn Morris
Ft Leonard Wood, MO
January 28, 2010
1:50:25 PM

Entry ID: 1754298
Richard Edmonson, congratulation on your son passing his Eagle Scout board of review! Richard and I worked on an Army project out here in Missouri and told me so much about his troop, I thought I would take a look at Troop 361's website to get some ideas we might be able to use with out troopp here in Missouri. The website is very impressive and I will spend some time exploring it. Hopefully one day we can have one like it for our boys.
Bob McCall
January 5, 2010
7:04:19 PM

Entry ID: 1747522
I learned a great deal as a Scout in 361. (Mid - 1970's) Bill Riehl was my Scoutmaster then and I'm happy to see 361 is still thriving.
Sara Daly-Demir
huntsville, al
December 23, 2009
8:59:47 AM

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You are doing great things- I would be interested in having my son join -he just turned 6 yrs old int he last two weeks... My cousin is involved with girl scouts, and tells me he may be old enough, please contact me with information on how I can sign him up, any fees or requirements to do. You can reach me on my mobile phone at: (256) 665-5429. Blessings, Sara
John M. Clemens
Tacoma, WA
October 26, 2008
7:55:47 PM

Entry ID: 1490906
I was a scout in the old Troop 93 at St. Mary's, then joined Troop 361 at Holy Spirit in about 1966. Scoutmaster at that time was Bill Riehl, and he had excellent assistants and strong participation by scout parents. I used to love our weekends spent hiking and camping throughout northern Alabama, especially on the Chickamauga and other battlefield trails. Glad to see Troop 361 is still going strong, and keep up the good work!
Jerry Wardrip
Evansville, In
September 10, 2008
5:29:23 PM

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Was just browsing Leaguelineup looking at other Scout web sites. Awesome site!!!!!!!! Hats off from Pack 335 of Evansville, IN
Damian Bianca
July 10, 2007
10:17:52 AM

Entry ID: 1159353
Simply, hooaah, John. Great website. damian
Gary W Jeter
Huntsville, AL
September 11, 2006
9:10:32 PM

Entry ID: 931299
Bob, you did a really nice job on this website.

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