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jacobie dardy
west point georgia
April 11, 2013
1:17:08 PM

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I'm christiana madden's mother and i'm looking forward to getting to know everyone :))
Brokeneck. :)
May 16, 2012
11:43:58 PM

Entry ID: 1970569
Sooooo, everyone has to bring Jaida a gift while we are at camp being my birthday is the 24th of July!! I'm kidding! It's gonna be amazing though! Can't wait!
taylor benton
laGrange georgia
December 2, 2011
11:14:48 PM

Entry ID: 1939616
hi! im an LG student transferin to troup next year.. and i was wonderin is you had a competition and a regular cheer squad? cause i cant do competition anymore unless i go to the chyropracter! if i do, id love to join! so would my friend. just wanted to know some info.
July 26, 2011
2:09:19 AM

Entry ID: 1901360
I miss all of yall! Enjoy every minute of it SENIORS! Make it the best year ever! You're gonna miss it!!! I love each and every one of yall so much!!! ?
Jaida! :)
July 17, 2011
3:51:55 AM

Entry ID: 1899189
I'm so glad I went to camp this year. It was great! :) So ready for an amazing year! :)
Christian McGruder
Lagrange, (TroupHighVille)!
July 1, 2010
12:51:54 AM

Entry ID: 1804351
Camp was the bomb,... BOOM!!!! WE are thinking hard and moving forward so everybody watchout, weather we are on the football field, baseball field, or competition floor WE FINNA CHANGE THIS GAME:):)!!!! NUFF' SAID!!!!
June 25, 2010
5:21:31 PM

Entry ID: 1803041
Camp was pretty awesome!!! :) :)
*Britany Hicks*
LaGrange, Ga
June 19, 2010
11:26:44 AM

Entry ID: 1801442
I was a Troup High Cheerleader and it was amazing cheering with them! I miss yall SOOOO much & my coaches:( Im coming to visit yall soon... Now dont forget about me!! I love yall!!!
West Point
June 19, 2010
12:43:32 AM

Entry ID: 1801386
Aww I miss all of yall and I miss cheering:( I'll come visit soon... lovee yall!
LaGrange, Georgia
June 2, 2010
4:53:07 PM

Entry ID: 1796113
I am a Troup High cheerleader,... AND IT ROCKS!!!!! I love Coach Key and Coach Ashmore!!! We are GEORGIA CHEERLEADING TEAM OF THE YEAR and dont you forget it:):):)!!!!
December 10, 2009
9:54:47 AM

Entry ID: 1740157
I am soo going to be a troup high cheerleader next year GOOOOOOOO TIGRRRRSSS>
October 28, 2009
2:21:23 PM

Entry ID: 1721688
Yall are like fareal cool ! [:

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Total Entries: 12