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S.D. Padres
San Diego
February 21, 2017
8:17:49 AM

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Good Luck to all of the 2017 U.S.A. players in your quest to bring home a gold medal to our great city. Represent us well and make us proud.
Tony McVicar
San Diego
March 11, 2016
5:49:35 PM

Entry ID: 2071938
Good luck guys....I played on the team when it was known as San Diego Boys Baseball.....whatch out for home country of 1984
A. Gonzo
Chula Vista Ca.
July 12, 2013
12:34:24 AM

Entry ID: 2035358
I would like to say that this organization is a great thing for the youth of Southern California. The experience that it afforded both me and my brother was something to never be forgotten. Thank You, Mister Alvarado.
Robin D'Amico
June 13, 2013
6:55:13 AM

Entry ID: 2032978
Wow, another year with the team! Should be a great one this year. We are proud to be part of the team. Awesome organization and the coaches are exceptional!!!! GO TEAM!!!!
sandra rodriguez
san diego
March 22, 2013
8:58:01 PM

Entry ID: 2024091
wow the fourth member of my family made the team and will travel to 2013 games in hawaii.hats of to you michael escoto.
sandra rodriguez
san diego calif
June 20, 2012
6:18:49 PM

Entry ID: 1975526
im excited as this the 3rd member of our family to go.beto in 1983 i think and milo in my grandson beto is going this year.thats what you call priceless as both my sons have memories of thier time in japan.5th
Dave Addis
Thousand Oaks ca
March 2, 2012
9:47:34 AM

Entry ID: 1957026
There are 3 things in my life which I really love! God, my family,and baseball! The only problem- once baseball season starts I change the order around a bit!! play hard. Renee let me know how things go.
Andy (Behr) Andrews
January 16, 2012
12:14:06 AM

Entry ID: 1947003
I was the starting pitcher in the 1982 tournament in Osaka. The whole experience was educational as well as great. Staying with the Sakagami family was truly an awesome experience. Thanks Al Alvarado. looking back,it was a time I will never forget and always cherish. I hope this continues for a long time. Best of Luck....Andy
Bill & Mary Whittaker
Chula Vista, & Idyllwild, CA
August 3, 2011
6:45:16 PM

Entry ID: 1903648
Go Team USA San Diego, Go Tierrasanta Boys..What a great experience for all the boys
Rick Jimenez
San Diego, CA
February 27, 2011
8:35:29 AM

Entry ID: 1869257
Great opportunity! Not only for the baseball experience but also for the cultural exposure. Staying with Japanese families will be a huge part of the experience. Working hard on their skills, in this venue, can only propel these players toward better HS careers. Thanks for opening the door.
Steven Fisher
San Marcos, CA
September 16, 2008
9:16:14 AM

Entry ID: 1459821
Thanks to the coaches for all their hard work and donating of time to make it possible for me to play in Japan. I will never forget the experience. I wished we could have stayed longer.
Jack Millar (Gramps)
Toms River, NJ 08753
August 20, 2008
1:58:19 PM

Entry ID: 1442945
Good Luck to the team on their play in Japan. Cory We are all rooting for you to have a great and successful venture in Japan. We love you. John Enjoy you time there and cheer on Cory.
Coach Farrar
San Diego,CA
August 20, 2008
8:15:43 AM

Entry ID: 1442644
Good Luck You Guys! Represent us well. Do the little things right, compete with American determination and confidence. Have fun and enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Sincerely, Greg Farrar MB Baseball
Thomas Clark
Los Angeles
July 24, 2008
11:03:42 PM

Entry ID: 1425905
This looks like a special team. How does one get invited to play on it? When are tryouts held? Please respond to me. PLEASE I WANT TO TRYOUT FOR YOUR TEAM !
Willie Wilson
Crescent Valley, Nevada
March 18, 2007
6:58:09 PM

Entry ID: 1076457
This is a great league and the kids get to travel to other countries to meet and play baseball against these other teams and live in their culture for a couple of weeks. Would have been nice if they had something compared to this when I was a kid growing up.
January 30, 2007
9:50:42 PM

Entry ID: 1041300
What a great website. Lucky boys to be on that team.......

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