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Ron Hays
October 22, 2014
3:42:51 PM

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Hoping to see some great SBall at America's Finest City Showcase coming up...I believe Venom Fastpitch will be represented at this event. Looking forward to it! Ron Hays, Director of Scouting National Scouting Report Northern California 707-494-8682 "The Next Level"
Jared Lucas
Hilliard Ohio
February 22, 2014
4:40:01 PM

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Try out information for my 13 year old daughter?
Brian Sprunger
August 22, 2012
10:52:31 AM

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Just wanted to thank coach Larry White(12u) for the private tryout. Taylor can't wait till the first practice to meet all of her new team mates. thanks again...Brian Sprunger
David Gelo
August 14, 2012
6:14:34 PM

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Good morning Venom organization This was my 11U daughter first tryout. We are truly inspired to go for it. And that was the tone alone this Sunday. This past weekend we met many ego driven coaches, all who appeared to have the attitude "show me what your daughter can do for us" but your staff took the time to relay to the parents that your group is keen on coaching the coaches, and community volunteer. Kudos for that no other softball group expressed that. I was impressed embraced the personality of your staff, we also loved talking with Venom family members. Again thanks for the opportunity David
Rick Asher
Baghlan, Afghanistan
December 22, 2011
4:15:46 AM

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Jenny, Thank you so much for the kind works. We are are all working hard to make this a great place for our kids to learn this great game as well as life skills. We have many goals and soooo much more to do to improve this organization and it will take hard working athlets, coaches and parents to help us reach them. I look forward to returning home to continue this dream. See you all very soon:) Rick Asher Venom Fastpitch
Jenny Burley
Grove City
December 18, 2011
10:34:33 PM

Entry ID: 1942404
Coaches Mike Hall, Doug Schultz and Troy Wernet... Just wanted to thank you for being so wonderful. You truly are an amazing group of coaches! Your patience (with me), time, energy, passion and genuine love of the game is so very, very much appreciated. You are the best and I feel honored to have my daughter on your team. It has been a great first couple of months and we are looking forward to a great season. I promise to settle down and listen to the coaches in the future - just sayin' :) We love you guys! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks to your families too - their sacrifice is great as well it does not go unrecognized!
Jenny Burley
Grove City
December 18, 2011
7:27:33 PM

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I just want to say this organization is amazing. We became part of the U12 team in late August and continue to be more impressed with each interaction. Rick Asher has started something that needs to be modeled by all coaches ivolving kids of all ages. The people that are here "running" things while you serve this country over seas are phenominal!!! I cannot say enough about how much I love this oganization. The coaches are beyond competent and incredibly knowledgeable in training the girls the skill it takes to play the game. But beyond that they are continuously building self confidence, improving team unity and doing "real life" together. To Rick and all of the military personnel serving our country: thank you for the sacrifice you are making, thank you to all the families that are without them and we pray for God speed on your mission and traveling mercies while your gone. Ultimately, that you come home as soon as possible. To all of the staff, coache and military: MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!
Lisa Eckstein
August 19, 2011
9:42:51 PM

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loved the tryouts for you guys. Hope Autumn becomes part of your family
Gina Rosshirt
March 24, 2011
10:08:24 AM

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Was just checking out the page to see what's going on with the Venom family! You guys were so sweet, and I wish I could still play with you girls. And Rick, you were a great guy! All of you welcomed me like family, so I figured I would just stop by and say hey and good luck this year! You guys will do great, and hopefully I can come out and watch you play at least once this year! :) -Love, Geeee :) ps, miss you all!
Rick Asher
Grove City
September 23, 2010
12:15:05 PM

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Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by to check us out. There aren't many 8U teams out there but if there are any needing players you can go to Ohio Fastpitch Connection to find them. I would be interested in seeing if she could play at the 10U level.
Karrie Fisher
September 21, 2010
8:50:07 AM

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My son is a part of the U-11 Jaguars. I see that you have partnered.. great website and quotes. I am looking for an 8 and under team for my daughter any suggestions. Love the pic of the girls muddy after practice. Hard work makes champions!!
Danielle Ruhl
August 14, 2010
10:49:03 PM

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Stopped by the Venom web site to check it out,friends of our daughter is trying outfor one of the teams.Looks like you are really going to have a great Org.Wish you all luck,friends from HOO WRATH. Danielle and Craig
Craig Thompson
Plain City
April 20, 2010
3:10:16 PM

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Good Luck Rick and Ladies!! I'm proud of what you have built with Venom Fastpitch and I have no doubt that you'll succeed in building a great program! Have a wonderful season.
Christy Fulton
July 13, 2009
3:51:27 PM

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Everyone played really well in the Skyscraper Showdown tournament! Congratulations on your 2nd place finish! Good Luck at the ASA Nationals!
Amy Fohl
May 4, 2009
8:33:55 PM

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Alyssa was very greatful to have you at her game this weekend! Your quick pitching lesson really helped her tonight on the mound. She did great! Thanks Rick. We are looking forward to the tournament in Delaware.
Monte Asher
October 11, 2008
1:18:41 AM

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Good Job ricki, Your Dad told me that you have been working hard, hard work will pay off you will be the best. remember Confidence is the first part of being a great player. good luck and keep working hard. Uncle Monte

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