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MelMel and LaurLaur
south brunsss
September 23, 2010
11:59:10 PM

Entry ID: 1829575
dear all our lovely south brunswick athletes, we love you all and miss you sooo muchh, kick butt this seasonn and never forget us <3
Denise Thompson
San Marcos, TX
October 16, 2009
10:27:03 AM

Entry ID: 1715073
Decided to stop by and see how the track team has been doing lately. Viking for Life. Class of 2003. P.S. It's exciting to see how good the women's team has come along over the past few years.
south gunswick
March 13, 2007
10:52:46 PM

Entry ID: 1072681
GXC for life guys!!!!!!!!!!
Steve Sample
south brunswick
November 13, 2006
7:43:03 PM

Entry ID: 992036
GXC 4life dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a fellow competitor
somewhere in new jersey
May 16, 2006
9:36:43 AM

Entry ID: 842646
tindell's comment is really funny..and i was looking at some of the girl's profiles and they don't have all the events for some girls..(just to mention it)
old bridge
April 25, 2006
2:02:08 PM

Entry ID: 826309
hey this is brittany i run for old bridge.. this web site is nice.. im hatin' i want one for old bridge.. you guys are having a great season so far so good luck for the rest of your season.
old bridge
January 12, 2006
3:20:09 PM

Entry ID: 750055
heyy i run for old bridge, just wanted to stop by and say hi and wish everyone good luck this season! :)
Tindell Bonner
January 7, 2006
11:58:08 AM

Entry ID: 744624
ey wassgood sb yo good job ... but ey to go to fast yall got to wait up 4

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Total Entries: 8