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Lisa McGuinn
November 15, 2013
5:08:29 PM

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Dear Coach Huebner: Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for such a great season and welcoming Brody (and my Husband) into your program. Brody really enjoyed himself, learned a great deal and made many new friends. Having two older daughters that were both involved in competitive sports (one at the collegiate level) we have learned that it is not all about the wins and losses but it is about commitment, loyalty, and building character. Yourself and your program has helped Brody in all of these aspects. I can't thank you enough and am looking forward to next year!!! Thanks again, Lisa.
Tonia Young
White Plains
September 24, 2013
8:37:30 AM

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This program is AWESOME!
Toni Guida
White Plains
September 9, 2013
6:49:33 PM

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Coach Hub -- you are one of the most amazing people I have known. You are one of my role models! I am so proud to have Dean be a part of your organization. Thank you so much for everything you do for us. And thank you to all of your wonderful coaches and all they do for the kids too. THANKS!!!!
Lori George
September 9, 2013
7:42:13 AM

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Awesome scrimmage on Saturday, wanted to post where you can see the photographs from "Pelham Football Scrimmage Jamboree 2013".
Christine Spaziano
September 8, 2013
10:13:34 AM

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My nephews Luke & Spencer Dennis play and they have a great time. They have excelled and I want to thank the coaches. Keep Up the Good Work & Never Give Up !
Katrina Jackson
White Plains, New York
October 3, 2012
4:26:39 PM

Entry ID: 1992763
AWESOME!!! I enjoy the experience about as much as my grandson does! Jim Huebner is such a wonderful person. May God continue to bless him for his great work that he puts into this league. The coaches are equally as wonderful. Their patience and compassion is so genuine. This is our first year and I look forward to Tommy Lee growing up with this organization. His granny was a Tiger & now so is he...early! I love it!!!
Donna Cohen
White Plains
March 13, 2012
4:08:03 PM

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My son Joemel had the time of his life, he can't wait to play again. This was his first season playing with the tigers and it was great.
Eugenia Coleman-Sims
White Plains
January 24, 2012
10:40:58 AM

Entry ID: 1948672
Thank you for all that you did and will continue to do! My son and I are looking forward to another season of football. Thank You Jim and ALL of the coaches! YOU GUYS ROCK! This Football league is the best organization that White Plains Has!I am a very happy parent! HIGH FIVES TO U ALL!!
Edwin Robles
White Plains, NY
November 9, 2011
10:52:19 PM

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My son enjoys being a part of the program. We enjoyed playing for Coach Chris and hope we will have a chance to play for him again in the future.
Alvin Felix
November 5, 2011
4:31:04 PM

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This is my first time playing with the White Plains Tigers and what can I say, its been a great expirence, meeting new people, knocking some heads off and thats all gonna happen next year.
Anna Fino
October 20, 2011
10:06:28 PM

Entry ID: 1924842
My son is enjoying being a part of the White Plains Tigers Youth Football League. The coaches are awesome and really care about the kids. They are being taught valuable life lessons along with the sport of football. Definately a positive experience for my son! Thank you to all the Coaches!
Jill Little
White Plains
October 16, 2011
7:50:32 PM

Entry ID: 1922768
This is our first experience with the White Plains Tigers football league and I have to say that from the very beginning, we have felt like part of a family. Everything has been stressed that this is all for the kids, reinforced again and again and I believe it is one of the best experiences my son has had. Teamwork, hard work, perseverance and the love of playing football has been accomplished over and over again. Thank you to all the coaches for their time and patience with our kids!
Rona Leake
White Plains
December 9, 2010
1:13:25 PM

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Just wanna thank all the coaches and, team parents for a great second season. Chez now talks of joining the NFL!!! See you next season. Thanks so much.
Corinne Walsh
White Plains
November 14, 2010
10:17:19 AM

Entry ID: 1845749
Thank you to all of the coaches for your hard work and dedication. This was Christopher's first experience in football and he had a fabulous time, thanks to you.
Kevin Gillen
White Plains
November 1, 2010
12:42:28 PM

Entry ID: 1841488
Jim, What we witnessed on Saturday morning was a class program at it's best. It was simply beautiful to see our kids play their hearts out on the field and then come together as a family. Thanks for ALL that you and the coaches do! Be proud of Tiger Pride!
A Proud Parent of a WP Tiger
white plains
October 22, 2010
1:21:43 PM

Entry ID: 1838484
White Plains Tiger Coaches- Thank you for all that you do. I love the detailed emails and the clear positive messages that you communicate to our children. Sports can be so much more than just throwing around a ball. Many times the most negative or win at all costs coaches are the ones at the lower level- and as we all have seen- these are the ones that put out the fire in our children and don't encourage them to plow on - even when working your hardest might only mean being average on the field- because these skills (determination, hard work, setting goals, ...) will make our children succeed in all the other arenas they will be in later in life. Keep up the terrific work- we all are listening! A Proud Parent of a WP Tiger
Ted Segar
White Plains
October 22, 2010
11:44:49 AM

Entry ID: 1838439
Coaches - great job this year with the kids. This tiger song on the website, along with the pictures, is absolutely awesome. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.
Grateful mom
White Plains
October 18, 2010
5:57:54 PM

Entry ID: 1837020
I would be remiss to let another day go by without thanking all of the coaches for their unwavering dedicatiion to the children. This is an enormous commitment for the players and the coaches (who give of their time so generously.) My (formerly) shy and reserved son is not the same child who walked onto the field 2 months ago. He has gained a tremendous amount of confidence, established a rigorous work ethic and developed a layer of resilience that infiltrates all aspects of his life. He now has a "can do" attitude and has discovered a level of comraderie that doesn't exist in the other 3 sports he plays. He has far exceeded the expectations my husband and I had for him this season. I can't begin to fathom the amount of time the Heubner family puts into this program behind the scenes. Please know, it is worth the tremendous effort and we are extremely grateful!
Kristine Lanera
White Plains
October 3, 2010
10:59:02 AM

Entry ID: 1832159
White Plains Tigers way to go Tigers you all played hard yesterday and more important you all played with Heart,Interegity, and Pride!!!!!Keep up the great work! Play next week with the same stuff. Go Tigers 2010!!!!!
Danielle McCarthy
Stonington, CT
September 14, 2010
8:48:31 PM

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Hey WP Tigers!! Just wanted to let you know I miss all of you and to have a great season!! I have been keeping up with parents who have kids on teams and have heard nothing but positive exciting stuff!! It was a pleasure to be a part of such a great group of people, I wish you all the best and hope you have a successful, fun season! Keep in touch, Danielle
Debbie Garelick
White Plains
June 9, 2010
9:12:54 PM

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My two boys are excited and looking forward to another great year on the White Plains Tigers. They learned a lot about the fundamentals of football, about respect for each other and for themselves, they had fun, and made new friends. The coaches put their heart and soul into teaching and training the kids.
Arthur Chisolm
March 24, 2010
12:33:40 PM

Entry ID: 1772543
My 2 boys had a blast! Not only did they have fun, but they learned the fundamentals of football and teamwork. We look forward to playing next season.
Melissa Bray
Port Chester
September 22, 2009
4:17:01 PM

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I come all the way to the wp tigers youth football team because you guys are great. Coach Ron you are the best and tymire loves you coach Watson and all the other coaches....he absolutly loves playing football. keep up the good work....
Chris Powers
White Plains
September 9, 2009
1:48:02 PM

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You guys are off to a great start. Everything is well organized and most importantly the kids are having a blast. Keep up the great work!!!

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