This handbook is intended to inform both the player and his parent(s)/guardian(s) of the rules, policies, and expectations associated with the Chatfield Boys Lacrosse Program. As a requirement of registration, acknowledgement of understanding the handbook contents must be confirmed.

  • CBLBC Board Member Descriptions

  • CBLBC Committees and Responsibilities
    This document outlines the committee structure and each committee's responsibilities for the lacrosse season. It is intended to provide enough information for parents to determine what elements of the program to be involved with and what committees to join. Interest in a committee should be directed to the committee chair/co-chairs. Contact information for all board members is under the "Contact Info" menu button.

  • King Soopers Gift Card Information
    This handout describes the King Sooper's gift card program and associated information.

  • Scrip Card Information
    This handout describes the Scrip Card program and associated information.

  • E-Scrip Tutorial Slide Show
    This is the new slide show tutorial on how to use E-Scrip Cards.