This form must be completed at least two weeks prior to any event. All events must be approved for football and cheer

  • 2018 Parent Behavior Memo

  • 2018 ABSENTEE FORM for Football, Cheer & Dance
    Absentee form must be filled out every time a player misses a game or event. Form must be completed and put in book

  • 2018 Physical & Medical History Form
    Mandatory form must be completed and signed by physician, and parent. All physicals MUST be completed and turned in prior to the start of the season, AUG 1

  • 2018 SouthEast Regional Team Book Order
    Cheat Sheet to put your Player book together.
    Please print and follow. All paperwork should be in your player book by Aug. 1 in order to participate. All participants, Student Demonstrators, and Jr Coaches must complete all paperwork. All Head coaches, Asst Coaches, Team Parents, ACDC's, must complete training and attach all certificates in the book in addition to having a back ground check completed by the start of the season.

  • Emergency Form
    Please complete and insert in player book

  • 2018 SouthEast Regional Hardcard
    2018 Hard Card for player book. Verify correct color per team (see top of card). Print on card stock. All participants, student demonstrators and jr coaches must completed this for and have it in the player book NO LATER than August 1 to begin participating.

  • 2018 Player Contract & Parent Consent Form
    Player or cheerleader contract that must be completed and signed by participant and parent before first practice.

  • 2018 Scholastic Eligibilty Form
    This form is to be completed by those participants in the Pop Warner program that have not met the National Pop Warner Scholastics requirement of 70% or 2.0 Grade Point Average(GPA) at the time of certification. Please see form for more details

  • 2018 Home School Form
    This form must be completed by those participants in a Pop Warner program that are enrolled in home school.

  • 2018 SE Region Pop Warner Progress Report
    This form must be complete for those enrolled in Pop Warner that need a progress report.

  • 2018 Kindergarten Exemption Form
    Must be completed for all children participating that are entering Kindergarten 2018-2019.

  • 2018 CHEER & DANCE Age Matrix
    Pop Warner matrix to identify the classification for cheerleaders based on age.

  • 2018 FOOTBALL Age & Weight Matrix
    Pop Warner matrix to identify the classification for football players based on age and weight.

  • 2018 VOLUNTEER Application Form
    Anyone wishing to volunteer for Pop Warner MUST complete this application and go through a background check

  • 2018 PW Uniform Patch Placement Location

  • MFPW Full Roster Waiver
    MFPW form for participants that are requesting a waiver to play for another association due to their home association's team having a full roster.

  • MFPW Boundry Waiver
    Fill out this waiver for the 80/20. Please see all rules applied to this waiver. Proof of roster participants comparatively to the 80/20 waiver is required

  • MFPW Grandfather Waiver
    Fill out waiver if out of district participant played for your association for the past two years and you lost his old grandfather waiver. Proof of past 2 years rosters required.

  • 80/20 Waiver Schematic
    Guidelines for the 80/20 waiver. 80% of participants must be zoned for your program.