• Conduct the affairs of PRYB and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors
  • Runs and controls monthly board meetings
  • Present a report on the condition of PRYB at the annual meeting of the regular members
  • Communicate to the Board of Directors, such matters deemed appropriate, and make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare of PRYB
  • Be responsible for the conduct of PRYB in conformity to the policies, principals, and Rules and Regulations as set forth by the Board of Directors
  • Investigate complaints, irregularities, and conditions detrimental to PRYB, and report theron to the Board as circumstances warrant
  • President does not have power to make decisions without the majority vote of the Board of Directors, as directed by the PRYB By laws.

  • In case of the absence or disability of the President, and provided he/she is authorized by the President or the Board to so act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of that office.
  • Avails him/herself for duties that are related to general League management and baseball operations, as necessary and/or not covered or performed by another board member. 

  •  Performs such duties as are herein specifically set forth, in addition to such other duties as are customarily incident to the office of Secretary or as may be assigned by the Board of Directors. 
  • Be responsible for recording the activities of PRYB and maintaining appropriate files, mailing lists, and necessary records, including but not limited to filing the appropriate charter, insurance, and tournament ball affidavits with PONY Baseball. 
  •  Be responsible for preparing the agenda for all meetings with the assistance of the President and other board members who will submit items to be included.
  • Be responsible for the securing of facilities for all monthly and annual meetings, as well as, notifying all Members and Board of Directors of such meetings.
  • Be responsible for taking and maintaining minutes of all meetings held by PRYB.
  • Prepare ballot of nominees in preparation for the Election meeting.    Also responsible for notifying each nominee.     Notify all nominees of their appointment.

  • Responsible for the financial activities of PRYB by maintaining the check book and deposits, paying league debts timely, handling disbursements/deposits of money for concession stands, all monies associated with registration, fundraisers, and sponsorship
  • Provide the Board of Directors detailed monthly checking reconciliation, a profit and loss statement, and an itemized income/expense statement.  Provide copies of bank statements to the Board of Directors upon request.
  •  Prepare proper tax returns for PRYB.  Tax returns must be postmarked no later than February 15th annually.
  • Prepare a budget for the upcoming season and present at the October Meeting.

  • Assist Division Representatives within his/her Division enforcing and maintaining the safety code and the rules and regulations of PRYB set forth by the Board of Directors.
  • Works with the Registration Director on the Annual Registration of players
  • Responsible for putting together and supervising the annual tryout of players
  • Serves as an escalation point in handling issues that may arise related to players and their teams working together with that said Division's Representative.
  • Supervises the player draft working together with the Division Representative and the President
  • Maintains list of eligible players not assigned to teams who may be available as replacement players
All Executive Board Members have equal voting rights.  
President of the league does not have the power to override the majority vote of the Executive Board or the Board of Directors.