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The girls had a fantastic weekend. They went undefeated til the 5th game. The championship game went into overtime and then PKs. We lost by 1 in the PK round taking 2nd place.

Teams take Gold and Silver @ 4V4 torunament 2012

2 teams take 1st nad 2nd in the 2012 Beaverton 4v4 tournament

Eugene South Side Cheetahs


The philosophy with TFA Eugene Southside Cheetahs is that Sports, whether recreational or Competitive should be fun and enjoyable, at ALL ages. We believe in building strong relationships both on and off the field, as well as good character. Players learn technical and tactical skills, both individually and as part of a team. Players are encouraged to strive to do and be their best with-out the feelings of guilt, negativity, or the feeling of letting themselves or others down. Positive feed back and environment creates a winning player as well as a winning team. Because we are a smaller club team, players do not have the added pressures that may come with the larger club teams. The Eugene Southside program does not have large fees. Our coaches are well trained and certified with years of experience at all levels. They coach for the love of the game and for the players. The Cheetah program provides a well balance of competitive soccer, family and academics.

Other Accomplishments


1st Pl. 2015 Tigard 6v6 Tournament

2nd Pl. 2015 Rogue Challenge

2nd Pl. 2014 Copa Del Mar

2nd Pl. 2014 Capital Cup 

3rd Pl. 2014 Rogue Challenge 

Finalist, 2nd pl. 2013 Salem Capital cup

Finalist, 2nd pl. 2013 Tigard 6v6

Finalist, 3rd pl. 2013 Rogue Memorial Challenge

1st Pl. 2012 Tigard 6v6 tournament
1st Pl. 2012 Beaverton 4v4
2nd Pl. 2012 Beaverton 4v4
2nd Pl. 2011 KITG Washington Tournament
1st Pl. 2011 Beaverton 4v4
3rd Pl. 2011 BEaverton 4v4
1st Pl. 2011 Tigard 6v6
2nd Pl. 2010 Beaverton 4v4 Tourny
1st Pl. 2010 Beaverton 4v4 Played in the U-19 Bracket
2nd Pl. 2009 Bend Tournament (played up)
1st Pl. 2009 Hillsboro 3v3 Tournament
1st.Pl. 2008 Corvallis Invitational
2nd Pl. 2008 Memorial Day Tournament
1st Pl. 2008 Bend Spring Fling Tournament
2nd Pl. 2007 Memorial Day Tournament
2nd Pl. 2007 Bend Spring Fling (played up)
Finalist 2007 Waterfront Tournament
1st Pl. 2007 League Play (played up)
2nd Pl. 2007 Soccer Cup (played up 2 yrs.)
1st Pl. 2006 Soccer Cup
1st Pl. 2006 League Play
2nd Pl. 2006 Memorial Day Tournament
2nd Pl. 2005 Corvallis Cup
2nd Pl. 2005 Memorial Day Tournament (played up)
2nd Pl. 2005 Waterfront Tournament
2nd Pl. 2005 Shamrock Tournament (played up)
1st Pl. 2005 League Play

Cheetahs Take 1st Place in Cascade 3v3 Challenge

Congrats to Marissa, Sonia, Sarah N, Tiffany and Hannah for taking 1st place at the Cascade 3v3 Challenge in Gresham on Sept.23.
It was a very long day. The girls played 5 games and went undefeated.