5 Diamond COED Softball rules




1- 1 hour 20 minute time limit – no inning shall start after.

2- 15 minute grace at start of game , after this is considered a forfeit.

Game Play

1- 3 girls are required to play the field as well as bat in the line up. a 10th player can be added at anytime during game And placed at end of line up. As long as 3 girls are in game. A third girl can be added at anytime, has to be placed last in line up..

a) If only 2 girls at game – team will play with 9 in the field , an out will be at end of lineup and no EH will be permitted

2- Team may take 2 runners for any players in the line up.  The runner for the players will be the LAST BATTED OUT.

3- Mercy Rule – 10 after 5 and 15 after 4.  No last licks once losing team gets their allotted innings

4- If a game is tied after 7 innings and there is time left we immediately go to the international rule with the last batted out starting on 2nd base.

5- DH – for anyone on the field.  The DH is tied to the player they are hitting for.  Male cannot DH for a women unless there are 4 women in the field.

6- EH – can be an extra hitter/extra player in the line up. Can go in and out of field for players as long as line up doesn’t change. Can not be added after start of game.

7- If at any point during or before game , if a team only has 2 females barring a injury that team loses or may no longer have an EH in the line up.

8- Waivers will be given out to anyone who is 17y/o before start of the season.  This must be signed by both the parent and player.


1- This is a non sling league. This is a Coed league And a pitcher throwing excessive speed will be Issued a warning by umpire. Any pitch after warning deemed excessive speed will be an illegal pitch.

2- If ball is brought above the pitchers shoulder an illegal pitch and a delayed dead ball.  The offensive team has the right to choose the outcome of pitched ball or take the illegal pitch.  

a- If offensive team chooses the illegal pitch its not counted against the pitchers illegal pitch count.

3- After a pitchers 3rd illegal pitch , he/she must come off the mound but can remain in the game as apposition player.

4- A pitcher needs 21 innings to qualify for the playoffs.  

a- If a team is awarded a forfit win , they may give the 7innings to any pitcher/player on the team and break those 7innings up accordingly.

b- If a team has forfit innings to give out they may only give those innings to someone who has logged at least _______innings before the end of the season.


1- Any bats not stamped ASA are not to be used , any bats on the banned list are not to be used , any bat where the umpire feels its been altered or tampered with will also be deemed illegal and thrown out.


1- In summer league team jerseys/shirts must be worn and match or you will receive a 1 strike penalty .

2- Fall league there is no shirt rule policy but try to match if possible.

3- No Metal Spikes


1- If you are thrown out of a game you will also be out the next game.  So don’t get thrown out.  Umpires are just human and so are you ballplayers.


Please clean your dugouts after the game , we pay a lot for the permits and don’t wanna get hit with any fines or loss of permits.


Enjoy the season !!!


If any of these rules are not to your liking or there is something you would like to be added ,  please message us..  At the start of the league we go over all the rules and make changes to your liking.  Anthony and I don’t play so we would like you guys to make the rules and we will just enforce them.  

 Please Note:

There are dangers involved in playing softball and players agree to play at there on risk and will not hold 5 Diamond Coed Softball League LLC. 

or it's director, assisant director, League coordinator responsible for any injuries that they might sustain.