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Glen Hansen Field

August 31, 2019

After 40 years managing the Calgary Cardinals, as well as having various leadership roles on the FMBA board including four terms as League President, our home field will now be known as Glen Hansen Field. Thanks for everything that you do, and have done for us throughout the years. I can't wait for the first game we play on the GHF. 

2019 2/3 Season Report

July 19, 2019

 Well we missed the Preseason predictions, and our social media presence has withered. Apologies to all the fan(s) out there hungry for Calgary Cardinals content. Here is what’s happened so far:

  1. Bach hit his first bomb since the 2009 Saskatoon tournament. Maybe if he would hit the gym more instead of kicking everyone’s ass at fantasy baseball he would have more.
  2. Sid had his 2nd kid and is busy at work. This has not taken away from his long email writing abilities about TPS reports
  3. We lost Easton Tetz, John Juan Forno, and Cody Bangen to retirement. Peter Werth has search parties looking for his whereabouts and we may require police assistance. Nelly took a 2/3 season sabbatical but finally made an appearance.
  4. “The Duke” Matt Wenham no longer works at Earl on 8th and is embarrassed that he ever did.
  5. Graydon is either getting married or already is married I can’t remember. There is still no word on if his girl prefers him hiking or playing baseball.
  6. Shawn Scott needs to stop taking shirtless selfies on Facebook. Frankly it is embarrassing.
  7. Shane is having a renaissance as the ace of our staff, he’s thrown a few gems so far at the age of 46. Our team ERA is above 6.00 though.
  8. Chico’s beard is getting grayer and grayer, and he has not charged the mound this year to my knowledge.
  9. Having not been out to a single league game, I can safely say we have the most errors in the league.
  10. We are the oldest team in the league again. If you are under the age of 30 and have played baseball before, please contact team management.