Information Regarding Practices and Games
All practices and games will be held at Mountain Gate Community Park located at 3100 South Main Street, Corona 92882. Practicing, scrimmaging, and playing outisde of Mountain Gate Community Park will NOT be permitted per our league insurance. 
We do NOT play or scrimmage teams outside of our own program. 
Rookies, Jr. Micro, Micro, and Jr. Pee Wee practices are limited to 2 per week and should not exceed 90 minutes of practice or scrimmage per day. Practices are held Monday-Friday with specific times determined by each coaches availability. Games will be played on Thursdays or Fridays. 
Players in all divisions are encouraged to arrive to practice 15 minutes prior to practice ready to participate. Players should be dressed in practice attire, with plenty of fluid to stay hydrated. In additon, he or she is expected to attend every practice and game. If your player is unable to attend a practice/game the head coach or team parent should be notified as soon as possible. Coaches have the right and are encouraged to sit a participant that does not attend a scheduled practice or game. This ensures fair playing time to those that were present. Parents and spectators should not interrupt practices/games or call players over during these times. They should also refrain from making negative comments regardless of the circumstances!
If you choose to not stay and watch practice, make sure your child's coach is on the practice field prior to dropping off. Your child's coach should have a way to contact you at all times in the event of an emergency. Children are to be picked up from the field and are not permitted to leave until a parent/guardian picks them up. Most coaches have short team meetings to update parents and players after practice so it is important you are there prior to the end of practice to attend those meetings. Your child's coach should not be waiting for you to show up at the end of practices and games!! If you have a scheduling conflict be sure to discuss this with the coach prior to practice. Rookies must have a parent present at all times during practices and games.