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Crossville Thunder is a registered Girls AAU Basketball program, that was founded in 2006.  The intent of Thunder is to assemble some of the best girl basketball players ages 10 through 15 in Cumberland County and immediate surrounding area (regardless of school affiliation) and give them a chance to compete with regional, state, and national teams at the highest levels of talent.  Our final goal is to improve the level of play of girls basketball in our area by providing excellent instruction and the most game experience possible, hopefully helping our area high schools achieve multiple state championships in the coming years.  Our offensive and defensive sets mirror those run at the high school and college levels, even with our younger teams.


24 current and former Thunder girls currently play for their respective high schools.  In 2008 and 2009, all incoming freshman Thunder girls made their respective high school teams, which is a tremendous achievement based on the levels of competition in these years.


AAU programs provide opportunities to play more diverse and talented basketball teams outside of the normal limited geography of elementary and middle school basketball.  It also gives kids exposure to different coaching techniques and experiences.  It is designed to enhance school ball, not compete with it.


For the 2010 season, Crossville Thunder plans to have travel teams in the following age divisions:

  • 10U (5th Grade or below and born after 1/1/1998)
  • 11U (6th Grade or below and born after 1/1/1997)
  • 12U (7th Grade or below and born after 1/1/1996)
  • 13U (8th Grade or below and born after 1/1/1995)
  • 14U (9th Grade or below and born after 1/1/1994)
  • 15U (10th Grade or below and born after 1/1/1993)

Tryouts for 8th grade and younger teams will be held about 2 weeks after the end of the county elementary tournament.  Each team will have a maximum of 10 players per team.  9th grade and older teams will have tryouts after the end of the high school season.  The season generally lasts from March until June (July if a team plays in a National or Exposure Tournament).


The cost to participate will be around $250 per player (this covers the cost of tournaments, uniform usage, non-parent coaches’ travel expenses, team shoes, bags, etc.).  This is a tremendous bargain at around $60 per month.  All funds are spent on players’ needs…no one at Crossville Thunder benefits financially from players’ fees.  Again, we limit our players to 10 or less per team to allow for maximum playing time.  Many teams will add 14-15 players to pad the finances, we have never and will never do that.  Our goal is for all players on a team to PLAY.


In 2009, our teams achieved many great things.  Our 11U team won 3 tournament championships, was runner-up in 2 others and finished 3rd in the YBOA State Tournament.  Our 12U team won 3 tournament championships and finished 2nd in the YBOA State Tournament.  The 14U team won 7 of 8 tournament championships, including the AAU Substate and AAU State Championships.  They finished with a 29-5 overall record and will play in the AAU National Championships in late July.


We have been blessed over the past few years with some tremendous coaches and instructors.  Some of our coaches are former collegiate players who understand what it takes to play at the higher levels.  In 2010, we will have the best group of coaches we have ever had and we will continue to recruit new ones as our teams increase in number.


The goal of Thunder is to:


·        Develop our players as athletes, students, and good citizens.

·        Compete for and win championships on regional, state, and national levels.

·        Develop our players to help them achieve their full potential.


If you are interested in playing basketball for Crossville Thunder in 2010 following your school basketball season, please send an email to us at and we will contact you as the tryout period gets closer.  We will also keep local elementary schools informed.  Be sure to include the following details in your email:
Your Name
School You Attend
School Coach's Name

Grade (2009-10 School Year)


Email Address (if you have one or list Parents email address)

Cell Phone # (If you have one)