Hello Community Ball Members

This year we will be involved in the Script program through Kwik Trip. The program will be offered by members of our community ball club. We will be selling Kwik Trip gift cards to anyone and the community ball club would receive 10% of the sale.
If a member sells $2000 worth of gift cards, the community ball club will receive $200. The great news is the person making the purchase gets 100% of their payment in a gift card. If you buy $300 of gas per month and you buy it using the gift cards sold by the FC Community Ball Club, the club gets $30 and you get $300 value in gift cards. This is a No Brain-er and FC Ball is the huge winner.

We will be keeping a surplus of Script cards at the Waumandee St. Bank if you would like to buy some and can't locate a Community Ball member.

We appreciate your support!

Thank you

Community Ball Board